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    DC-DC charging

    How can I charge the battery in my scooter (14s30p) Li-ion from my Powerwall (14s80p) directly (meaning DC-DC and not DC-AC-DC)?? What kind of charger / controller is necessary to be able to transfer energy from a dc source which may have between 42-58v to a dc destination to fill up such 14s...
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    Controlling PIP-4048MS Remotely

    I want to be able to remotely turn the PIP on/off completely, so I'm thinking about connecting the on/off switch cables into some relay controlled my a raspberry. Does anyone know what kind of voltages/amperages are being used on those on/off switch cables? What kind of relay (or other electric...
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    MPPSolar PIP Inverter & Batrium Integration

    Any new info on the MPP PIP <-> Batrium integration? Jaron wrote there is a pilot test site, are you Daniel working on this? I would like to know: - do you need the BridgeConnect to integrate with the PIP, or the WatchMon is enought? - What exactly can it do on the PIP? stop charging, stop...
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    Portuguese Powerwall in Poland

    Ok, let's start document this journey: so my current status is that I mounted a bunch of sonoff powsaround the house to measure several stuff, and a SDM120 for the overall usage of the house, and with a small python script insert it into influx and visualize it on grafana: Since I have 2...
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    PCM60x - Wifi connection?

    Anybody using the PCM60x with a RS485-WIFI converter? is there anyway to get the pcm60x stats from wifi/bluetooth?