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    Where to buy new pouch cells

    Hello everyone, It has been a long time since i was active on this forum, I hope you all doing well. My power wall is slowly going along, but this post is nothing power wall related. I am really interested in portable servers. specially in servers in a gameboy shell. But i cant seem to find a...
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    2S bms disaster

    Hello everyone, I have a makita 7,2v drill with ni-cd batterys. All the batterys made for the drill are all dead. So i taught i could but a 2s2p 18650 pack in the drillso i did. There is enoughroom for a bms and a charger. So i ordered a bms from aliexpress: After i received it i wire it...
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    Forum to review products/products to avoid

    Hey forum admins. Is it a good idea to open a forum where you can post/review products that you bought so we know which ones to buy and to avoid. Maybe there is already a forum with this, I couldn't find it Lux,
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    Dakar ralley electric car

    Hello, I am a big fan of the Dakar ralley. It just came to a end for this year. But this year i saw that there was a team that was driving in a electric car. I found it impressive and i wanted to share it with the community. lux, Next year the Netherlands willwin with the trucks!!!
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    hello internet, I hope this is the right topic to post this. Maybe some one can create a category for handy info or tutorials? One of my favourite youtubers created a handy tool to create packs. You insert your capacity of each cell how many cell you want in series and parallel and the tool...
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    Lux's Powerwall

    Intro With this topic i want to start my own powerwall/Solar shed. Idea These idea's can change any moment the more experince i get. In my back yard stands a 2 by 2 meters shed the idea is that my projects will be all powerd by solar panels. Until i get more solar panels i will have to do...
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    Hello form the Netherlands

    Hello every one. I am Lux form the Netherlands. I am just starting with 18650/litium/lead acid/solar. My project plans: 1. (this will be the main project that everything is connected to) one 40watt solar panel on the shed with a small powerwall to feed: a raspberry pi, some arduino's, 2 small...