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  1. s9Josh

    Community Spot Welder

    If anyone can lend me their K-Weld, I will need it in the first week of February, then I can immediately return it. Thanks.
  2. s9Josh

    A possible version of bus bars

    After a brief but intense hookup they will get married. Then things will really heat up. :D On a more serious note, as long as the fuses are sized correctly he's fine.
  3. s9Josh

    Open Source Modular Powerwall

    Hi there. For detailed planning you really need to pop over to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Just create a new topic. Usually the moderator BB will take your specs and reply with the math and answers you...
  4. s9Josh

    Prismatic cells

    I don't think the reaction can be stopped with compression. But it would keep things in place. So compression is good until they pop.
  5. s9Josh

    Prismatic cells

    I think the .1 expansion is what happens when the electrons wedge themselves into the cathode. The expansion I was thinking about was the gas. If each cell puffs up 2mm and there are 20 in a pack, that's 40mm. I'm interested to see your progress.
  6. s9Josh

    Prismatic cells

    Neat, I've never seen these used in a powerwall before. I think they need room to expand in case they are discharged too fast, how tight is the duct tape?
  7. s9Josh

    Automatic cell testing

    It's an interesting idea, but I agree it's overly complex. And if you read my introduction thread, you know I am all for designing new things. But after all the work to extract the cells from the packs, You might as well take a minute and pop them all into a row of chargers. Some chargers...
  8. s9Josh

    Hello from the future DreamInCAD channel

    Good to hear Lux_Gamer. I have years worth of things that would make good content, I just need some time to produce the videos. Producing a top notch video is a lot of work. If you or anyone else wants notifications when I get my first video uploaded, I think the subscribe button works. If...
  9. s9Josh

    Hello from the future DreamInCAD channel

    I ran across Pete's channel on Youtube randomly one day and liked his setup. Then I watched a few too many of his videos and got motivated to start collecting 18650s where ever I got the chance. :) I stated a few months ago and am up to about 70 cells. I'll be making videos of my own soon...