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    Batrium and Grafana

    Good day all, I recently updated my watchmon 4 to 4.15 firmware and software 2.15.11 and lost communication with grafana. I use node red to capture the info. I believe the UDP info has something to do with it. Has anyone experienced this problem or know if the UDP protocol has been changed with...
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    Dual shunt on Batrium

    Hello Everyone Is there a way to connect another shunt to the batrium system ? The idea is to have one capture the current/power from the solar panels and the other to capture the load on the batteries.
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    Batrium longmon failure

    One of my longmon just up and died and put the system in a critical fault condition. The green light on this particular longmon is pale and its not communicating. Has anyone ever encountered this issue?
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    Batrium Ext 2

    Hi I need some assistance regarding the EXT 2 module. Can someone tell me what is the supply voltage range for this unit. Thanks.
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    Watchmon 4 onboard output

    Can anyone help me with the onboard mosfet output on the watch mon 4? I connected a fan to output Aon the watchmon based on theinfo provided on the batrium site however when I set the output to manually on nothing happens same thing with output B. The software shows the on indicator but nothing...
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    busbar design

    Hi there Kevin here from Jamaica. I am in the process of building a 7S 120P pack however I am trying to figure out the best physical layout . Could you look at it and give feedbacks thanks