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    How bad is this?

    I can't find any information on the internet about a transformer with a broken outer core. Lots of info about windings shorting, but nothing about bad cores. How do I even test this? This is from an Aims 6000W 24v split phase inverter. The inverter works when I have AC connected on startup and...
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    Thermal Runaway on Purpose

    So I've abused a lot of cells and have gotten close, but have never actually induced thermal runaway (thankfully). Iaccidentally shorted a high dischargecell that reached 235*F/112*C, but CID protected that cell. And on laptop cells that I've shorted on purpose, PTC has protectedthe cell from...
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    Genuine Cells in a Generic Pack?

    While going through some of my generic packs, I found one that stood out. The cover looked like any other: Upon opening up the pack, besides the usual kapton tape,aluminum wire, and small Chinese BMS, the cells were different than what I was used to finding: Here's a closeup...
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    Upgrading from Lurker to Poster

    Hi, I've been lurking for probably 2 years now. Finally made a post! I guess there's no reason to hide anymore! It's been extremely slow building a powerwall. I guess I'm in no rush.After testing and sorting something like 1500 genuine cells, I never got anywhere. I'm retesting some cells that...
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    Results of Capacity Testing 18650s for 1,600+ Cycles

    **Go to the bottom of this post for my most recent results** 1,605 cycles as of August13, 2020 I'm going to be dedicating one of my Opus' to longevity testing some cells. It has 4 slots, so I am going to be testing 4 cells. Originally, I was going to only test generic cells, but I came up with...