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    Why won't lithium balance in series?

    Would someone please explain to me why lead technologies will self balance when cells are in series but lithium will not. Thanks
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    Parallel PIP5048MK's are tripping house RCDs

    I have just connected my second PIP5048MK in parallel using the OEM parallel board and cables to find that whenever the Utilities mains is connected my house RCD trips. I originally had one 5048MK connected direct to the mains to charge and test the batteries and had no problems. It's only...
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    Cells not accepting current when balancing

    I've received 48 280ah Eve Lifepo4 cells. I'm attempting to balance them all in parallel at 3.40v using my 20a power supply. However, the parallel string is only accepting ~8a at 3.40v. The batteries were received at 3.30/.31v with two at 3.28v. Charging at 3.50v gives ~15a, 3.60v gives the...
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    5048MK Limiting Utility and Generator Current

    I am investigating installing two PIP 5048MKs in parallel into a motor boat. The vast majority of power input is expected to be from solar and battery storage. Occasional top ups will be provided on an as needed basis from an onboard 4kw generator or 240v 15a shore power. Does the 5048MK have...
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    Used Tesla modules capacity

    I'm looking to build a 15kwh battery pack using used e-vehicle modules. Leaf batteries are significantly cheaper than Tesla's at face value. However, the Leafs are sold as ~60% of original capacity and the few actual capacity tests I can find put this as a typical level in the real world. Does...
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    Safety Earth Neutral Bonding

    Would someone please explain to a noob how Earth Neutral bonding occurs in hybrid inverters that can potentially have many different power sources, each of which should have bonding connected differently. Is bonding automatically (dis)connected by the inverters as required during off grid...