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    Trouble Selling Cells

    Hi, I know this isn't the right place for sales, but I've tried selling my 18650 cells on the marketplace, facebook, and ebay but had no interest. Any tips on where to sell them? I've got 770 cells, mostly around 2200-2300 mAh cheers
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    Around 700 18650 cells. Lincolnshire, UK.

    Hi, I am selling around 700 18650 cells. All have been tested and have mAh rating on the side. The majority are 2200 mAh - 2300 mAh, there are a few as high as 2800 mAh and a few under 1000 mAh. Open to sensible offers. I'm based in Lincolnshire, UK. Will accept paypal, crypto or cash Let me...
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    small garage solar project

    Hi, I'm having trouble with a small project I've been working on. I have a 10w solar panel going through a cheap chinese 12v/10a charge controller into a 12v/24ah lead acid battery. I then have a cheap chinese 12v to 220-240v inverter with 2x 36w LED strip lights connected via a standard (UK) 3...
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    Powerwall Calculator

    Hi, has anyone designed a powerwall calculator which calculates the whole system based on required load? This includes battery pack sizes, charge controller, inverter, solar panels etc etc. I know there are a lot of variables, but it would be very useful. I know Javier Camacho has made a basic...
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    Ultrafire ebay batteries

    Just bought a couple of these to try. They state 3600mah but are barely a third of that! Beware! I know these are well documented as being fakes, but just thought I'd remind folks.
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    How to connect battery bank to appliances?

    Hi, it may sound like a stupid question, but nobody seems to talk about this much. So, for a non-grid tied inverter system, how do you get the power from the inverter to multiple appliances around the house? I know most inverters have a couple of plug sockets, but what if I want to power 6...
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    first project

    Hi, I'm a newbie and just had some questions to clear things up in my mind! I'm planning to start small and build a system to power my kitchen fridge, and possibly some phone charging etc. The fridge uses a bit less than 300w/h, and I've designed the battery pack to have 4 days reserve, so...