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  1. J

    Heyo/Daly bms issue.

    Hello All, in January I recieved Heyo/Daly RO5A-GA21 4s LifePo4 bms. I tied it to 4 x100ah Lifepo4 cells. which I use as a UPS for my monitoring pc. everything seemed ok until I checked the cells with a meter and found a 280mv difference . For the last 2 days I have been trying to get this...
  2. J

    PIP 5048GK F02 error

    Hi all I just woke up to no power and a F02 error on my pip5048gk. The user manual says ''OVER TEMPERATURE" so I turned everything off waited 10 minutes turned on grid power but not pannels or battery but the fault wont clear. any ideas? :huh: Problem resolved itself after 4 restarts. dont...
  3. J

    Panel array design

    Hello all, My first post though I have been lurking for a while. I have been planning a small off grid system for a while and have now started chasing bits. I have a mpp solar pip 5048GK on order eta two weeks hopefully. 4 x slightly used Seraphim Eclipse 320W panels VMP= 36.4V, IMP= 8.9A...