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  1. LithiumSolar

    Batrium Improvements

    Interesting. I ask because I also have a WM5 and I don't think it's -40C in PA either... Edit: Which firmware version are you running?
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    Batrium Improvements

    Which Batrium do you have? Is this a WM5?
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    Hi there. Here's the thread for the inverter repair...

    Hi there. Here's the thread for the inverter repair It's still not working unfortunately due to some additional damage I found after the video. I haven't been able to figure out the part number of...
  4. LithiumSolar

    private messaging ?

    Yes, the private messages are now called "conversations". If you want to message someone privately, there is a "start conversation" button on their profile. I'm not sure why people are posting questions/answers on profiles instead of on the forum itself 🤷‍♂️
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    Damaged Cells

    I don't accept any dents. If it's damaged, I consider it compromised and it gets recycled. The reality is it will probably be fine, but it's not worth the risk of fire due to using damaged cells.
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    Sunko 709 Modifications: due to bad planning

    I have the 240V version. I will open it tomorrow and take a picture of how it's connected to compare to yours (assuming nobody beats me to it by then).
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    Sunko 709 Modifications: due to bad planning

    I don't have a direct answer to your question, but I've seen several people point out this on the transformer now. What I don't understand is, if it's as simple as soldering to a different terminal to use a different winding... why would they not simply put a 120/240 selector switch on the...
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    Huge Lot of Tested 18650 Cells (Harrisburg, PA, USA)

    The Samsung pink cells are almost all gone. All of the rest are still available!
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    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Review (Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology)

    LFP batteries aren't supposed to have an odor like that. If they smell, I'd be afraid they leaked and wouldn't use them to be honest. But that's hard to say with certainty without being there and seeing them. I've never come across a lithium battery that smelled other than ones that had holes or...
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    I guess I should have asked if you had an affiliate link. lol
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    18650 vs other cells?

    Interesting. I wonder if that's why they exist but are rarely used and hard to find holders/etc for them. A few manufacturers jumped on thinking it would be the "next big thing" to 18650s maybe.
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    I ended up ordering the RC3563. Thanks!! Now for the 4-6 week shipping wait...
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    ICR vs INR vs IMR Lithium Battery Types

    I saw questions being asked on the Facebook group regarding the different chemistries. I learned a bit myself and thought it would be good to save the information here for reference. Long-Form Name Chemical Abbreviation Name Format 1 Name Format 2 Name Format 3 Lithium Manganese Oxide...
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    Oh my, that's a lot of IR testers. I've heard the YR1035 is accurate at pretty much any state of charge. Is this the same for the RC3563? I was fairly set on the YR1035 but am now leaning towards the RC3563. Price is around the same range for both.
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good meter to check IR (Internal Resistance) of various battery types? I haven't checked this in the past as the testers I use (Opus) aren't very accurate. There have been a lot of requests to test this in some of my videos, so I'd like to start doing so...
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    The Joy of Sorting Cells

    The joys of looking at clean, sorted, tested cells :D When I built my last round of packs, I didn't do any sorting. I just threw the 3000 cells in a big pile, mixed them up, then moved down the row of 14 holders placing one in each holder. The cells are randomized, as are the distribution to...
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    AIMS LF Inverter RJ45 Protocol Information

    Thanks, I should have noted that as well. I occasionally hear someone doing this but they never provide details. I find it a bit odd that I'm seeing full battery voltage on pin 5, but AIMS support also did confirm that 3/5 are the correct pins to power-on.
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    AIMS LF Inverter RJ45 Protocol Information

    I'm attaching the documentation for the RJ45 pinout and protocol information. AIMS technical support happily provided me this information when asked. My inverter is a 10,000W split-phase model, though I would think it applies to all LF models. Check with AIMS yourself if you are not sure! Pins...
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    Sony US18650GR (G5) Cell Specifications

    Agreed. Looks fine to me as well.
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    3 Nissan Leaf Modules - Gen1 wanted NSW Australia

    If I'm not mistaken, he is importing from Eric (BigBattery, TechDirect, etc) in the US. That's likely why the prices are somewhat higher.