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    Hello from Midwest USA

    >We cannot go completely off grid due to significant tree shading, except in a limited capacity emergency situation. That is why we have worked hard to get our electrical/energy usage reduced. Yes sir. I've not given up being able to live 'off grid' at some reasonable level but its hard...
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    Measuring the loads of the house take 2

    We need a 'Totally Jealous' (in a positive way) LIKE - It would be a regular like x 10 :)
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    240v Inverter questions..

    >I'll connect the inverter to grid via split phase 240v Is this a grid-tie inverter?
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    Hello from Midwest USA

    Welcome! >....goal is to run basically off-grid from batteries, but still retain our grid connection. This was my goal as well. I have an off-grid system (13kw PV + 24,000w inverter) and use ATS(s) to automatically switch between battery powered inverter and grid. I do this with independent...
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    WaterJet Cut a phone in 1/2 - shows lithium battery

    Just saw an interesting youtube where a guy cut an old phone in 1/2 with a water jet. Part of it clearly shows the lithium phone battery internals... and it looks like the battery is 'expanded' to me. Here's a snap at 3:23 into the youtube:
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    Diesel heater (error code 7) When invertor turned on

    Don't want to run you in useless circles or ask dumb questions (more than usual :) ) - but has it been verified that the heater works when connected directly to a 12v Lead Acid battery? In other words, are you sure its the 24DC -> 12DC is where its failing?
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    Battery specs question

    A "UR18650F" search turns up things like this - I'd guess its at least in 'this family' of cells. Could you share a pic of the numbering?
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    Hello from Germany/Poland

    50a@48v.... If we go with 1a/cell, then you'll need something like a 14s50p made of laptop cells. I know the specs will say things like 4250ma max discharge - but in my experience laptop cells don't perform anywhere near this.. which is why I offer 1000ma max discharge / cell as a guide...
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    Hello from Germany/Poland

    >it should be 48v around 20ah +- Do you know the amps @ 48v or the wattage required for the high-amp bursts? Is it 1000w or ? Agree with @floydR - laptop cells just don't have short-burst-high-amp capabilities. If you attempt high-amp on laptop cells, the voltage drops like a rock. For...
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    Looking for a capacity tester 1s10p lithium battery

    I use my OPUS (or similar) as a cheap charger/discharger of packs sometimes. Use dummy cells (with tape on the ends) to hold in place nickle strips or wires accross all 4 + and - battery holder prongs so you have all 4 electrically connected with + and - sticking out the side. Then alligator...
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    Calculating Total Pack Ah

    The voltage (or cells in series as more cells in series increases the voltage) is a key piece of info provide context for an ah number. If you have 7s packs in series (e.g. 24v nominal) where each pack is 279ah - then its 279ah@7s (24v nominal) = 6,696wh. As a comparison, 279ah@1s (3.7v...
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    Opus behaviour: Normal?

    This happened to me from day 1 on all my OPUSs - e.g. room temp and trying to do 1000ma discharge. So I started doing 500ma discharges - which is OK in my situation since my powerwall is designed for <500ma per cell - but lengthens the time. Since I started this way, I continue it so that...
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    Damaged Cells

    Its a delicate balance posting sometimes. As I said in my post, I agree with @daromer (and many others) that its not good to do. On the other hand, its the reality of my personal situation and just wanted to share for what its worth. For example, in addition to easily dented NCR18650As...
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    batrium charge discharge contactor settings

    Then, it would seem (to my way of thinking) that Charging = "ON state" should trigger the relay... but its not. Either there's a bug or we're missing something or some other related setting/issue. I hope someone can explain - maybe someone from Batrium is monitoring this.
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    batrium charge discharge contactor settings

    Yes sir I'd love to know more about this myself. I notice that in addition to "Auto" there is "Manual On" - does choosing "Manual On" force it on (e.g. to test the relay perhaps)?
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    Damaged Cells

    This site unequivocally and consistently advocates that all dented cells be discarded. This comment is just a personal one and in no way is advocating anyone follow suit - but rather just sharing info. I personally use a <2mm rule. There have been other discussions about compression damage...
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    batrium charge discharge contactor settings

    In the pics above - Charging is in an "[ ] Off state" - so I wouldn't expect it to toggle on. Notice the 3.26 Actual is below 3.45 Cell Hi Resume? But again, other than reading pics / guessing on how this works I don't know.
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    Aluminum Box for 18650s - Fireproof?

    NICE! I wish I had room, it looks perfect dimensions for 14s packs. As far as stopping a cascading fire... I think @daromer (or someone with experience) commented that 'venting' is a key component of the fire containment strategy. Do you plan to vent the cabinet somehow?
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    batrium charge discharge contactor settings

    Interesting. The Discharging page clearly shows "[Auto ] [X] On State" - so one would think the Relay 1 with Discharging On would close. The only 'nit' I see is this where Actual is below Cell Low Resume - but have no idea how this works or if that would affect anything. FYI - The reason I...
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    Inverter for PowerPack Recommendation?

    Yes - 27.5v which is 3.94v/cell is where my APCs settle.. This is not so bad SOC wise its about 75% and since you don't typically charge beyond 4.15v (97%?) max or 4.10v (91%?) for longer life anyway you only loose 15-20% SOC. In a 7s10p you can make that up that 20% by going up to 7s12p -...