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  1. hbpowerwall

    MrHydro Head - The best private microhydro setup i've ever seen!

    I believe this play list is his first configuration before he has completely redone the whole setup, it's truly impressive the lengths he went to, to get power from the creak to his home. View: 2nd...
  2. hbpowerwall

    Micro Hydro setup in Tasmania - unfortunately the property was sold and I never got to see it in person

  3. hbpowerwall

    World’s first home hydrogen battery powers an average home for two days

    An Australian company LAVO has developed a hydrogen storage system for domestic solar. It is [apperently] the world’s first integrated hybrid hydrogen battery that combines with rooftop solar to deliver sustainable, reliable, and renewable green energy to your home and business. Check out the...
  4. hbpowerwall

    Mr Hydro Heads EPIC Micro Hydro Play list

    Simply one of the best Hydro Build Builds I've ever seen, not a review as much as pure inspiration View:
  5. hbpowerwall

    Seplos Pusung 5.12KWH LiFePO4 battery pack overview by UpNorth Mike

    Mike takes a look at his new Solar/Battery setup using the Seplos Pusung battery housing View: Specifications: Basic Parameters Nominal Voltage (V) - 51.2V Nominal Capacity (Ah) - 100Ah Nominal Power (Wh) - 5.12KWh Dimension (mm) - 565*440*170mm...
  6. hbpowerwall

    SMA SI6048-US-10 Review & Testing by David Posluszny

    The Davidpoz channel on YouTube checks out these two massive SI6048-US-10 SMA inverters Fantastic results! These Sunny Island inverters from SMA are amazing. The model is SI6048-US-10 and they are in a pair for 120/240 volt split phase. Each inverter outputs 120v single phase. They...
  7. hbpowerwall

    DIY Solar Trackers

    Just a random bunch of solar DIY Solar Trackers View: View: View: View:
  8. hbpowerwall

    MPP Solar PIP 2424LV-MSD Pure Sine Inverter

    MPPSolar PIP 2424LV-MSD Inverter Product Identifiers Brand MPP Solar MPN 2424LVMSD eBay Product ID (ePID) 3033529052 Product Key Features Model 2424LV-MSD Power Source Solar Color Gray System Configuration Hybrid Inverter Technology Hybrid Dimensions Weight 28KG...
  9. hbpowerwall

    12v instream power generator from WaterLilly

    WaterLily 12V - Portable Power Generator for RVers, Boaters, Campers, Hunters, Cabin Owners Amazon page: Charge portable power stations, lead acid batteries, and more Ideal for base camps, RVs, emergency prepping and off-grid living Charge day or night in any weather...
  10. hbpowerwall

    The BigBattery 24V HSKY & HSKY ELITE Reviews

    Quote: For those of you who want to keep your battery system lean and mean, reduce the cabling, and get powered faster, the 24V HSKY is where you should begin! In terms of kWh/ft3, the 24V HSKY is the most space and weight efficient 24V battery on the market today. Whether you’re looking to...
  11. hbpowerwall

    The BigBattery Owl & Owl Max LifePo4 Batteries

    Website Quote : The 12V 2.2kWh OWL BigBatteries flagship model and serves as a benchmark for the quality batteries we know you’ll love! This battery was designed with your RV in mind. It’s lightweight, portable, and packs a punch. With brand new LiFePO4 cells, an advanced BMS from BatteryEVO, a...
  12. hbpowerwall

    Harvard Scientists Holy Grail of Battery Technology

    20c Charing... time will tell, and only in a lab at the moment at 50deg C Original post from Harvard It's possible this video the best described new battery tech I've seen in a while...
  13. hbpowerwall

    Gimmicky new 'See Through' battery from EnerCore

    EnerCore Clear Cased 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery I think the idea was good on paper but kinda useless in the real world. I'm kinda interested to buy one just to take a better look at it.
  14. hbpowerwall

    I got a NEW Powerwall then proceeded tare it down!

    It doesn't often happen.... Someone: posts on Facebook - Who wants a Powerwall? Pete: F$%^&*(!uck YEH, how much? Someone: Free..... Pete: what the F$%^&*(!uck *insert noise of tire squeal & an aroma of urine from the shear excitement ... and two hours later There is also a youtube video -...
  15. hbpowerwall


    All this was dumped into the back of my van on the side of the road alongside the 'heater battery that almost burnt a shed down' All monies will be kept for a period of time to hand over to 'owner' after that I'm buying beer and porn... Bunch of cell holders 4x5 enough for another 14s80P with...
  16. hbpowerwall

    Mobile Phone with thermal camera built in.

    Does anyone have experience with Phones that include a thermal camera, how good are they, is the normal camera 4k? Perhaps I could grab one to use as a daily Tube fone.. TIA
  17. hbpowerwall

    I think I found the issue... HEATERS!

    Video says it all - but short story - I think two cells were beside each other keeping each other warm
  18. hbpowerwall

    When things go wrong... it can go really wrong!

    about 15 hours ago I release info that I have possession of a DIYPowerall that started to smoke and eventually catch fire on youtube All I know from a quick 1-2 min on the phone was that a powerwall had caught fire & I was welcome to come pick it up.. Full of trust and fear I jumped in the van...
  19. hbpowerwall

    Testing a generic Ryobi battery against its original counterpart

    Since I purchased these batteries many months ago the price has come down from 299AUD to 199AUD so math will be a little off. High res Photos of the Genunie battery, notice the fuse and temp sensor! High res photos of the knock off Ryobi Battery
  20. hbpowerwall

    XBox Series X HDMI Repair

    Need to get your XBOX SX HDMI port replaced and can't find a new one... It's been found that the XBOX One HDMI works with a few tweaks, check out the video. The HDMI port I used can be found here on EBAY, Amazon or Aliexpress To fit the HDMI in without needing to cut up the back of the case...