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    48V pack for BBSHD (1000W motor) using 18650 2550mah Cells Molicel

    The BBHSD will pull over 1600 watts at peak through its stock controller. Anything past 6-7p (@13 or 14s) on an ebike becomes rather unwieldy. Although I run 9p it is split between two packs. One on the downtube and one on the rear rack but I am a country cruiser. The guys on dirt like to keep...
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    Speed controller recommendations??

    Aliexpress has ebike controllers in that range. Many are sold as 72 volts but state they can run up to 90 volts. You should be able to find something there that works for you. ...or 72v controllers in general on Aliexpress -...
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    Hub motors on a reverse trike freighter.

    Actually two ebike motors are pretty common but yes you need two controllers. See Micah's video here -
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    So, I just gotta know...

    I usually build 52V packs and they are always 14s. I always associate 13s with 48V packs. I guess I've never heard of a 14s pack referred to as 48V.
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    Survey: What is your best 18650 cell and what is it capacity.

    The best cells I have and have ever seen I covered in this post - Some of these cells are testing into the low 3600s mAh.
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    2170s without a tab

    Ooops! I didn't mean to circumvent a ban. I'll pull my shortened link and leave the censored one in place. Apologies.....
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    2170s without a tab

    They have these for 18650s but I haven't seen them for 21700s yet. (Hmmm..... Why can't I post that link here? What is it about that web site that is getting censored? Here's the shortened link.) https://*******.com/product/vruzend_basic_kit/
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    What brand battery?

    As @Wolf said, not recommended but much depends on pack configuration (how many in parallel) and the wattage of your ebike motor.
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    Can someone identify?

    These are 18650s like I've never seen before. All of them are in the mid-3500s with some exceeding 3600mh. I'm used to running a couple of batches of cells a day for capacity testing but these take so long to charge and discharge I can only do one batch a day. (A good problem to have.)
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    Can someone identify?

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    Can someone identify?

    If so, I can't find them in the cell database. Have these Tesla/Panasonic cells never been identified and entered in the database?
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    Can someone identify?

    Never heard that of any 18650 before - hmmmm..... Possible Tesla cells? Interesting. I didn't think being that high of mh they would have the discharge rates for that.
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    Can someone identify?

    Degraded? Heh! I've never seen 18650 cells that test above 3500mh. I'm sure they exist but must be rare......
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    Can someone identify?

    The reader apps on my phone do nothing when I try to scan the code. I was sure to include the photo in large format so others with different software can try.
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    Can someone identify?

    They appear new. No tabs, no dents or scuffs. Some of the wrappers have old glue on them it seems but no writing or other identification.
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    Can someone identify?

    My nephew passed several hundred 18650 cells on to me stating they are Panasonic 3400mh and that's all the info I got. Most have no wrappings and the few that are wrapped are plain generic shrink sleeves. The only thing on them is some type of bar code (pictured). I did a quick test and indeed...
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    This is why i don't trust liitokalas...

    Actually I was impressed the LiitoKala was that accurate. After all, I don't care if a battery is 22 or 30. I just need to know if it is in the 20-30s range or 120s-130s.
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    PSA Ninja Batt

    I've found Ninja batteries to be relatively reliable in after market packs for laptops. You never know what kind of life they had by the time it comes to repurposing.
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    Damaged Cells

    I posted the same discussion here - I have used slightly dented (.015" max?) cells in ebike packs for a number of years and never had any issues that I am aware of. 1mm (.039") seems a bit deep to me but...
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    Some Ebike Battery Porn - A few builds

    Since you have built quite a few packs I assume you are building packs for others. I've been asked to do the same but so far stayed away from building them for anyone other than family members. I'm worried about the liability of something failing and garage/house catching fire.