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    My Projects Cells- RC Planes, Portable AC inverter/batterypack, and Hybrid Boat

    As for use on boats, I would approach this by considering 18650s as ballast, placing them as low as possible to ensure boat stability, doing away with standard cell holders, creating a battery shaped to fit the shape of the bottom inside the boat. I decided to go a step further and do some...
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    it's so exited to know people who are keen is this type of projects
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    Software Conversion Maintenance

    Mobile works. Looks good.
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    It's been awhile, but I think I found the forum through HBPowerWall's videos on Youtube.
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    Account disappeared - and all my postings?

    Hmmm - but some with quite a lot of text. Maybe that was the problem?