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    Sanyo UR18650F Cell Specifications

    I found another variant, got it from a medi pack Labels (lightly printed in gray): SFPFK52 082435 Labels (stamped) SANYO L JAPAN UR18650F S29B red with green ring Edit: I guess they are those: so it would be wrong thread here.
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    Is a device like this available?

    I use the to control the charge current of my mppt charger. Venus is just running on linux, so should be no problem to control it using IP. Myself I just use a simple php script.
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    I have not found this one in the database: Blue, with white ring. Label: 18650H 1 1 307 56 22S DH Got them from a laptop: 11.1V 4400mAh another one: blue, with dark green/gray ring Label: ISR18650-B 151 out of a power tool replacement 18V 3.0 Ah
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    Hi from Germany

    I just want to say Hello :-) I already have a small setup, solar, battery, inverter 24V. I have used acid batteries from cars and I amheading over to lion. Unpacked few dozent cells so far - used to do small steps. Bought some Lev50 from Carel - built up so far and still watching the scene :)