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  1. Dala

    Reviving an undercharged BYD 11kWh pack

    Hi forum! So I am in the middle of reviving a "broken" BYD 11kWh battery pack, that will be used with a Fronius Solar inverter. Backstory, the pack was left at 0%SOC at -25C and not really wanting to work after that, tripping main breaker. So I dismantled the pack and most cells range between...
  2. Dala

    Fronius battery reverse-engineering

    So I thought I'd start a separate thread for this, and maybe edit it into a how-to page later on. What's the problem? Fronius inverters require proprietary batteries that are very expensive (think 5k€+ for a measly 5kWh). These batteries speak Modbus RTU via the RS485 port on the Inverter. How...
  3. Dala

    Dala's solar-powered workshop (+DIY powerwall coming)

    So I thought that I'd make a thread about this, welcome to follow the journey! So the first thing that is now ongoing, is a 7.2kW solar install, that will be feeding into a Fronius Symo Gen24 5.0kW inverter. I made a video on the installation, will make a follow up once we commission the system :)
  4. Dala

    [EU!] 30/40/62kWh Nissan packs

    Hi, I am always on the lookout for more 30/40/62kWh Nissan Leaf/env200 packs. Shoot me a message to if you have one to sell! Thanks! /Daniel
  5. Dala

    500V fuse, VAC vs VDC?

    Hi experts! I'm doing a fuse replacement in a power distribution module on a Nissan Leaf. This is what it looks like. It's a glass fuse, 32mm long. Rated for slow 30A 500VDC. I had my electrician father pick up a 30A fuse, but he accidentally picked one that was rated for 250VAC max. So...
  6. Dala

    Stabilant 22, miracle medicine for busbars?

    Yo, anyone here heard or used Stabilant 22? I have a report from a user that said that after applying it to all 96 electrical connections, "The Gen1 Nissan Leaf cars that I used it on, the owners told me that they have around 40 - 45 km more...
  7. Dala

    Nissan Leaf ZE0 - Aeromod: Grille Blocker Did you know you can squeeze out more range from your Leaf by improving its aerodynamic property? Gone are the days of using tape to aeromod your Leaf, instead use our 3d-printed, easily removable and modular grille block off plates...
  8. Dala

    Remember to discharge before recycling!

    This just hit me like an anvil. I feel like an idiot. After leaving ~50 cells at a battery recycling place earlier this week, I now remembered that they were at various states of charge. Always discharge stuff that will be discarded! And tape up the positive end with some tape too!
  9. Dala

    Get paid to search for cancer cure?

    Yo! Since mining crypto is kinda dead atm, has anyone here tried out BOINC+Gridcoin combination? Seems lika a no brainer to run it now, your hardware does actual scientific work, and you get paid a small amount of GRC in return. I am running these projects at the moment, -WCG(FightAIDS@home...
  10. Dala

    Nissan Leaf Gen2 cell

    Hi I am looking for 1(One) good low mileage Gen2 "Lizard" Nissan Leaf cell (2013-2015). Something that is close to the original 63Ah spec. Will pay top $ for it! BR Daniel
  11. Dala

    Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)

    So I thought I might start a project thread on this car, that wasnt supposed to be a project. I recently picked up a commuter, 2015 ZE0 24kWh Nissan Leaf, with 5k km on it. It has extremely low range, the guess-o-meter(GOM) on the dash says 160km, but as soon as you start driving it you are...
  12. Dala

    Sustainability people, anyone dared to watch Dominion?

    Suppose this forum is filled with people interested in sustainability. Reducing animal agriculture is humanity's biggest issue atm, like reducing meat & dairy consumption is the biggest thing you can do for the climate. Going vegan saves something like 60-70% of your greenhouse gas emissions...
  13. Dala

    Adding some Tesla 18650 cells to large pack?

    Hi I found an EU seller that has Tesla 18650 cells, already disassembled and selling them in bulk. Seems affordable too at 1.5/cell? Pack has 40tkm on it, so should still last a long time. Question How close are these in architecture, compared to regular laptop battery 18650's? Has anyone here...
  14. Dala

    Dala's EVNX buildthread (1991 Nissan NX)

    Hi, I'm Dala, a 25 year old electrical engineer. I decided to start something new this year. After having lots of fun with my other project car,a 6-speed turbocharged, water injected Nissan NX, my mind was constantly looking for a new technical challenge. I think I have finally found it, I'm now...
  15. Dala

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi everybody! I am Dala, and I've got an ongoing EV build that is 18650 powered. Looking forward to learning more, will post the build thread on this forum now :)