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  1. Shadeyman

    Lipo Smart Batteries and DIY Powerwall

    I have incorporated BattGO into one of my 6S Power Wall batteries. When you connect the battery to a BattGo compatible charger or voltage checker, you will be able to access a lot of crucial information about that battery pack, including: Battery Brand Date of Manufacture Battery type and...
  2. Shadeyman

    Panasonic CGR18650CE Cell Specifications

    I'm not sure how accurate this data is as i was given it quite some timeago, but I hopeit helps someone ..
  3. Shadeyman

    Hi from Wolverhampton, ENGLAND ..

    While searching the net for information on power walls I stumble across you guys, bursting withall the info I'll ever need, hello everyone! I'm new to this so before attempting anything in the houseI'mgoing topractice first,by convertingmy large double garage into an "off gridmancave", with Low...