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  1. Hans Tuchel

    Hybrid inverter - opinion?

    Hi guys, Im searching for the right hybrid inverter and found this one. Any input?
  2. Hans Tuchel

    Electrodacus - Active BMS - opinions?

    Hi, guys, does anybody has experience with this active BMS? What other active BMS would you recommend and would it be even suitable for our DIY projects? Any input is welcome :-)
  3. Hans Tuchel

    Battery offer received. Any opinion is welcome

    I got the following offer from China. According to the seller, they are manufacturing new batteries. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information in the net. Any input is welcome. Not sure if my table is correct. 7s80 is wrong in the table. I guess it should be 4s80p (4x20 rows)
  4. Hans Tuchel

    PhilPower project

    Today, July 15th of 2018, I started my project with my first 3 used laptop batteries. More to come... Still looking for more sources here in the Philippines and buddies who are into the same project in the Philippines. Phase one will be 13.5 kWh!
  5. Hans Tuchel

    Hello from Davao City, Philippines

    Im a German living in the Philippines since 2005. I started my DIY PW project just a week ago with buying used laptop batteries. While getting my tester and other things thru mail, Im studying on YouTube.