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  1. Sleonard2649

    Batrium WatchMon5 firmware device error

    I received my Batrium package yesterday (yay!!) and was going through the initial setup when I ran into an issue on step 3. The WM5 firmware update stalled and when I restarted the process with the ESP32 Firmware Updater, I got "Error: No Response From Device". Drivers and COM Port are good. I...
  2. Sleonard2649

    ESP32 help

    Do any of you know somebody familiar with ESP32 dev boards? I'm trying to get data from my 'Smart' Chinese BMS. I have the ESP32 but have no idea how to make this work.
  3. Sleonard2649

    10AWG battery pack interconnects heating up

    I was doing a load test today drawing 70+ amps from my battery packs. It is a 48V system (14S120P) with 10AWG pack interconnnect wiresand XT60 connectors. Theinterconnect wires were getting pretty hot. I was a little surprised because the 10AWG should be able to carry that current without...
  4. Sleonard2649

    Favorite US distributors and retailers?

    Do any of you have recommendations of online retailers or wholesalers to purchase inverters from in the US?
  5. Sleonard2649

    Higher mAh on retest

    I completed a charge-discharge-recharge cycle on some 18650s, let them sit for 2 months, and then retested. I'm using Zanflare C4s and I was surprised to see the second test mAh increase from the initial test. Is this common? Can this happen because the used laptop batteries had not been cycled...