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  1. J_Mack58

    The winter months are brutal!!!

    Not really severe weather, but for us DIYers relying on the Sun these cloudy days are like Tornados, Hurricanes, earthquakes,Tsunamis and hail storms all in one. We are in survival mode. 15kWh battery is useless if you can’t charge it. Excuse my rant I installed my system in the summer…. This my...
  2. J_Mack58

    Where do you get your 26650 cell spacer/holders?

    I have done enough cell testing and it time to start building battery packs. It seems that the cell spacer/holder industry is not paying attention. In the world of 26650 one would be building packs of 4,8 and 16 in series for a 12, 24 or 48 volt battery pack. If I could make cell spacer/holders...
  3. J_Mack58

    Just for the fun of it.

    Breaking down packs be it laptop, scooter, modem or these 26650 packs I’m getting is no fun. Then capacity testing, IR and sorting is a pain. Every now and then one has to have fun. In 45 minutes a fashioned some good old 10 AWG into ghetto bus bars and slammed an additional 4.1 kWh to my...
  4. J_Mack58

    Parallel testing (Because I’m lazy)

    I was breaking down some 26650 packs when I decided to goof off a little. The packs are 4s5p, so when I got to the 5 in parallel I decided to capacity test them as is. The result from 3 cause one lost contact are 17.55ah, 16.29ah and 15.73ah. For 3200 mAh cells the expected is 16ah which two...
  5. J_Mack58

    Multi-function Battery Monitor Meter

    I made my share of mistakes building my battery packs then I come to this site and read and find my mistakes could have been avoided if I would have read here first. So with that said, what are you all using for a multi-function battery Monitor Meter. I have a small Nissan Leaf pack, a 14S80P...
  6. J_Mack58

    The joys of testing.

    I’m adding on or possibly replacing a nice 14s80p battery made with 18650’s cells. I never tested not one cell. Matter of fact up into last week I never owned a tester. Now I own two. With my limited experience I learned there are four type of bad cells. 1. Shorted or Heaters, they get hot when...
  7. J_Mack58

    Prototype: charge, discharge (16) 18650 or 26650 or mixed.

    It’s been in my mind for awhile charge, discharge, display capacity top balance and tackle internal resistance another day. I got Arduino programming down… Python on a Raspberry pie no problem. Allen Bradley Micologix PLC with panelview would be high end… I got the parts. Automation Direct...
  8. J_Mack58

    Ring cell harvest…. The Method

    Vice and Channel-loc pliers, twist 30 degrees CW and CCW. Two types of peanuts.
  9. J_Mack58


    This Forum has helped me tremendously in gaining knowledge about cells, cell testing and BMS’s. This site also steered me to the Facebook DIY Powerwall group. Today I graduate from 18650 to 26650 as I have met my new best friend who can supply me used parking meter packs for free, well almost...
  10. J_Mack58

    The Bottom Line.

    After all the talk of Cells, BMS's, Solar Panels and Inverters we all just want to land at a sweet spot. My household was once a >500kWh/month household. With no change in life style we down to 94kWh/month. With a few more cells (actually a lot more) I can get it lower and eventually become...
  11. J_Mack58

    DIY Spot welder with time control and specs.

    With the hundreds of YouTube videos about making a spot welder from old microwave transformers I made one. Months ago I had already cut the secondary off the microwave transformer and threaded one turn of welding cable in its place. And there it sat for months. Last Sunday I wanted to spot weld...
  12. J_Mack58

    Final score 192-8

    I bought 5 packs of the pictured packs from Battery Clearing House total 200 cells. After the haverst only 8 bad cells, 3 heaters, 4 super fast dischargers and 1 with the CID open. Voltage range of cells on delivery was 2.7 to 3.3 volts. I charge them all to 3.9 volts, thats the highest voltage...
  13. J_Mack58

    How to order from Battery

    Place your order and forget about it. When your cells arrive unsuspectedly be happy. They are about 400 miles away now maybe they will arrive Tuesday Aug 3, 2021 Friday, July 30, 2021 2:28 PM PIXLEY, CA In transit 2:28 AM VALENTINE, AZ In transit Thursday, July 29...
  14. J_Mack58

    Two cell BMS

    There it is clear as day, “Do Not Throw In The Trash”, and I‘m not hardheaded. Any suggestion what to do with 200+ of these boards? Totally useless to me.
  15. J_Mack58

    Honey where did we put the candles?

    Haaaaa haaaaa! Good one this weekend we had scheduled 3 hour power outages due to stress on the grid. The whole neighborhood dark except my house. Lights on inside, lights on outside, TV blasting the NBA game 7 Nets vs. Bucks. Everywhere else, crickets. People started to walk, I could hear the...
  16. J_Mack58


    First Megawatthour!!
  17. J_Mack58


    It’s official, I’m grid-tied, but living off grid. What that has to do with KA-BOOM? Stay with me. I posted the 3000 watt SMA inverter and panels I got for $500. To mount and wire the inverter was no problem. Getting those solar panels up was a problem with all the wind we had. So me wanting...
  18. J_Mack58

    Odd ball Lithium cell

    1BX1D220 02. 3.7volts 11.8wH on the label, is this a 3100mAh Cell?
  19. J_Mack58

    Up up and away with SMA in the USA

    I just took a chance on a 2600 watt system to add to my 2000 watt system. This going to do it for me. I have a roofer buddy who thinks solar panels are garbage and they just get in the way of him doing his roof work. He is my best friend now. Amazing what he comes across and only charge you for...
  20. J_Mack58

    Panasonic CGR17670, CRG18650C, Sony US17670

    Only a few people ever seen “Bigfoot”. “Littlefeet” is not that shy. The Sony Energytec 17670, measured 2.2 volts after not being use for many years. The Panasonic 17670 came in kicking with 3.9 volts. These batteries was a rare find for me but no matter what the size or how old I put them to...