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  1. chuckp

    New porn page.

    Hi guys when did the new porn page go online I must have missed that. 😂
  2. chuckp

    Tinko ICR18650 3.7 cells

    Hi guys Has anyone come across these cells? Id like to know if anyone has experience with them good or bad. I found a supplier with a minimum order of 10000 pieces. Manufactured in China by a company called Tinko.
  3. chuckp

    Greetings for 2020

    Happy New Year guys. Wishing you all a prosperous year and well with all your projects and builds. I guess this my be a little early or late depending on time zones but all the best anyway. Chuck
  4. chuckp

    ChrIstmas Pi

    Hi guy's Merry Christmas to you all. I opened up a few small presents this morning and it appears that the Mrs does actually listen to me when I prattle on about batteries etc. I've been telling her about these amazing dashboards I've seen to display battery/solar data. So anyway I'm now the...
  5. chuckp

    Little gold stars.

    I noticed on my profile I have four gold stars and have been upgraded to a "Senior Member" would that allude to the fact that I'm old ??!! :P :D Also what do I need to do achieve a gold star on the projects/cell count page?
  6. chuckp

    Protecting cells from damp air.

    Hi guys This may not be an issue for concern too many of you in warmer, dryer climates. I'm interested in what you guys do or have considered as a good moisture protection for your cell packs once they are built and in service. In my part of the UK it's pretty much non stop rain most of the...
  7. chuckp

    I thinks me need a Daromer!!

    Here's my problem (Sorry if this has been discussed before) coms ain't my thing. Sofar solar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC Coupled charger inverter has an RS485 coms port that takes an RJ45 lead out to the BMS. I have at the moment a cheap 14S 100A Chinese BMS...
  8. chuckp

    ATS on AC coupled grid tied system.

    So the plan is to install an ATS on my grid tied system so that in the event of a grid power failure I can keep the power to the whole house on. My solar system has AP System YC500i grid tied micro inverters that supply AC from the panels direct to the house. Batteries will be connected to a...
  9. chuckp

    Snowlar Panels and a slightly off topic use for surplus energy

    So just spent 3 1/2 hrs driving home, a trip that normally takes about 30 mins due to gridlocked roads because we've had show fall. Typical for British motorists two flakes of snow everyone has to get home before it gets too bad and everything grinds to a bloody holt. Anyway got home to see my...
  10. chuckp

    14S 100A Active BMS COMS Protocol

    Hi has anyone any info on these. I was wondering if anyone has any info on the communications protocol. The battery inverter I'm going to use is the Sofar ME3000SP and was hoping (however much of a long shot) if this would communicate over the...
  11. chuckp

    Probably a stupid idea

    Ok here goes another probably stupid idea. Thinking of building a battery house in the back yard under the solar pane arrays. I'd want to house the Sofar ME3000PE AC coupled inverter etc out there so as to keep the dc cable runs from the batteries as short as possible. So minor issue is...
  12. chuckp

    Another strange cell

    Ok guys I got hold of some used 18650s for next to nothing. This is what arrived. Not sure how I could use them, they have a + and - on the same end the other end seems to have some sort of insulation material on it,not sure yet how to charge them either.
  13. chuckp

    8 Slot chager with 0V recovery

    Hi guys Came across this and wondered many of you have use of is using one, and what your thoughts are. I noticed it says it has a built in 0V auto repair feature.I
  14. chuckp

    Sofar ME3000PE and Batrium

    Hi Is anyone using a Sofar ME3000PE with the Batrium? I've been in contact with both and have sent the protocoldocs from Sofar to Batrium. Batrium said the protocol looks identical to the one listed as Project Lychee in the integration tab. They just need someone with the device to test and...
  15. chuckp

    Powerwall indoors vs outdoors.

    Ok guys, just a quick question to everyone. Some of you have your Powerwall outdoors in sheds/out houses etc. while others are indoors in a garage/basement etc. Within the house, is there a specific reason for putting them outdoor? Is it just because you don't have the room needed to fit them...
  16. chuckp

    Batrium PC requirements

    Hi guys sorry for another noob question. Does anyone know if the Batrium software can be used on a touch screen monitor? I want to fit the monitor into a wall in a hallway next to the garage where the main equipment will be fitted. Would be great if I could access all the functions just by...
  17. chuckp

    rePackr Question.

    Hi can someone please explain the rePackr results. Probably just me being a twat and missing the obvious. So I enter a shed load of cells and get the results for a 14S60P, I get that the divergence is the capacitymAh difference between highest and lowest packs. I assume that the deviation is...
  18. chuckp

    Odd Size Cells SONY ENERGYTEC US17607GR

    I've stripped out a laptop battery and found these? 10 x SONY Energytec US17670GR Cells Approx 66mm long 16mmdiameter, not sure what they are, the battery was badge LI-ION. Can't find them in the cell database. Not sure what i could use them for.
  19. chuckp

    Chuck's 18650 14S120P+1 UK Powerwall.

    Hi guys After many months of following the threads, and asking a ton of stupid questions (sorry many more to come), I'm now processing cells for my homebrew powerwall. Found a couple of slow sources for old laptop batteries and I've started to process them, latest count is approx 550 between...
  20. chuckp

    Powered Wheelchair 7S3P

    Ok so not an ebike or cart but not sure where else to share the post. My wife's disabled sister and brother in-law came to visit a few days ago and we were looking at her new chair. The conversation turned to the numerous 18650 cells that are slowly over running the house and soon to the story...