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    My way of labeling 18650's

    Do the labels actually stick for more than a day? If they do stick, what kind are they? I've tried many different labels (sizes/shapes/brands) and they have all lifted off within 24 hours.
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    Large Capacity Testing - advice

    Thanks for the input DarkRaven. In the manual I got with the charger it says it charges 12v Lithium to 14.6 v at 7.2A. The specs seem to show that 14.6v @ 7.2A should be possible (even at 85% efficiency) I do realize that just because it is in the manual doesn't make it reality...
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    Large Capacity Testing - advice

    OK. So to bring this back a bit closer to my original post, I have now got a charger that can charge the 100Ah batteries. It has both a specific lithium mode, and several others for normal/AGM lead acid (Noco genius g7200). From absolutely dead flat, it should charge the battery in less...
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    Be Safe - Never Assume

    OK, so I know not everyone here grew up with Sesame Street, but they had a song which is perfect for this post (little video is only 30 seconds) So, having seen that, take a look at the picture below and decide which one doesn't belong. If you are inclined to say "ITS THE YELLOW ONE...
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    Is Printing on Shrink Wrap Possible?

    Thanks for the links brwainer. I'm actually hoping to try them on the outside of the wrapper since I already have TONS of coloured wrappers. Not sure if it will work. I've had trouble with other labels just not wanting to stick to shrinkwrap. Can only try and see.
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    Processed Submissions and Updates

    Ihopethis is the right way to get the pictures and information I have on the cells to you. If not, sorry up front. I'm uploading 5 new cells. 2 are LiFePO4 18650, 1 is a 26700 cell, and 2 others are 18650 probably high drain cells (salvagedfrom powertool packs), but I can't find data on them...
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    Harvesting Pouch Cells

    OK, I'm gonna try this the next time I get some. Still got a month or so of real winter left around here, so I should have some more -30c days to let them suffer outside. I've tried all kinds of crazy solvents with limited real success, so if freezing works, I'll be happy.
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    Is Printing on Shrink Wrap Possible?

    I wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly the case I had too. There wasn't much visible glue of any kind, but all the wrappers were stuck together so well, that I'd guess at least 90% had the wrappers 90% destroyed. I don't have an inkjet, so its either by hand or perhaps the clear labels. Eric
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    Large Capacity Testing - advice

    This sounds like a good idea (the others before too). I'm a very visual learner, so it's gonna take me a bit to put it all together, but it makes sense. (got a picture?) Thanks everyone for your advice and ideas. Eric
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    Is Printing on Shrink Wrap Possible?

    Thanks for the information and advice. Much appreciated.
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    Is Printing on Shrink Wrap Possible?

    Hi all, I have roughly 500 cells that I need to rewrap. The adhesive used in the packs I ripped apart was insane, and easily 99% of the cells pulled ended up with shredded wrapping. Luckily, all of the cells tested in the 2100+ range and are essentially new (the packs were from aBMS recall)...
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    Large Capacity Testing - advice

    Hello all, I recently acquired two 100AH lithium-ion (LiFePO4 based) 12 v drop-in replacement 12v batteries. All of my testing gear is designed for single cells, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to test these for capacity. Even if they have fairly reduced capacity, I would prefer to keep...
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    How do you chose cell fuse value?

    Hi folks, I've looked through the faq, and posts, and can't seem to find info on the factors that go into choosing a fuse rating for cell-level fusing. What needs to be considered when decidingtheamperage to protect the cells from. Cell C-rating or other related specs? Expected draw/cell...
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    Proper load for zb2l3 module

    I have to agree with jdeadman: check the resistors for their values. Mine have ranged from 7.1 - 7.9 ohms. If you have a bunch of mixed values, try to match them up so that each Zb2l3 has basically the same load. It is also good to calibrate the ZB2L3's before you start using them. They can...
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    Philips Heartstart Medical Batteries - help opening

    I've had some batteries like those. If I remember right, the one's I got were a non-rechargeable chemistry. I've found that using a small vise can work very well. Just line up the crease (where the two sides join) to be just above the jaws of the vise, and slowly tighten. Don't tighten too...
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    Some Questions...

    You may be able to get your monthly total usage from your utility. I can access monthly usage for the last 2 years. Our average is about 700KWh/month over the two years. There are a couple of months where it went just a bit over 1000. That works out to roughly 33 KWh/day on the high side...
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    Howdy from the mountains of Georgia

    Mountains...Cliffs....11 days of isolation.... How do I move there? Any fishing nearby? Anyhow, Welcome. You should find this a good place to learn from very considerate people who are honestly interested in sharing their experiences and knowledge. Read lots, take notes, read more, ask...
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    Trying to identify red cells

    That has been my case too. Basically when the cell reaches CV stage the cells start to heat up (not all of them do this, but many).I've got some ideasto work with now, and I don't want to change this into another 'heaters' thread.Thanks for the info and advice from all.
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    I have several new cells to add here (they aren't flat tops though), and one variant of a cell in the database already. I was unable to track down any information on the three new cells. First: Interstate ICR18650 2200 (protected cell) Unknown Brand: EL-186502200-HS :Button top...
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    Load/Capacity Test 1s90p cell

    Hey Bob, Gotta say I admire your determination and desire to get this figured out. I've learned a lot from reading this thread too. I'm really close to building out my first 14s string, so this has been really useful for me. Cheers.