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  1. BlueSwordM

    The making of a perfect SecondLifeStorage/BLF Charger: the start of a new venture

    Hello again guys and gals. BlueSwordM here. So, I've noticed something interesting here. Over on BLF, a flashlight forum, I've decided to start on the journey of making a product in a domain from which I have a lot of experience in. In this case, it's flashlights,batteries, and chargers. So...
  2. BlueSwordM

    Can't Edit My Own Post

    Sorry to bother you guys, but is there a reason I can't edit my posts after a certain time anymore?
  3. BlueSwordM

    Where do you find your pure nickel strips?

    So, as part of my removable battery pack project, I need some parts. I found my high current springs, I have a 3D printer, and wiring of course. To connect the cells in parallel and in series, I need some nickel strips. The problem being that I'm weary of most sellers on eBay selling pure...
  4. BlueSwordM

    Eric Lundren has been imprisonned!

    So, guys, do you know Eric Lundren? He's a good friend of Jehu Garcia, which together, they made the longest distance electric car on the planet. Now, he is a recycler at heart. He helped recycle 10s of thousands of PCs, preventing them from going to trash And since companies, especially...
  5. BlueSwordM

    Jehu Garcia has been banned from Youtube Live!

    So, today, I looked at my subscription feed, and I saw Jehu's video: And apparently, he was banned from live streaming to Youtube from a copyright strike by listening bots to a private video. I would advise supporting Jehu Garcia by going to the Twitch link to watch his livestreams: Also...
  6. BlueSwordM

    All of my 18650 lights combined ;)

    Now, as you might know, there are 18650 flashlights floating around on the internet. If you look around on sites like most of eBay and Aliexpress, quite a bit of them have bogus brightness ratings(exaggerated lumens), have poor efficiency, bad user interface, and bad color rendition and color...
  7. BlueSwordM

    Got some 20700A from the Dyson pack :D

    Good afternoon everybody. A while back, I tried to open a Dyson battery pack, but it was to no avail. Today, I threw the battery pack in rage on the ground, and it actually broke one the snaps, and it was quite easy. And to my surprise, I didn't get high drain 18650s, but I actually GOT...
  8. BlueSwordM

    For you Canadians out there, you can finally get 1.5$/cell plus shipping!

    Hey guys. BlueSword again. So, you guys remember the 1$ per cell video that jehu put out a while back? Well, since that day, I wished to be able to buy these new cells, but alas, they couldn't ship to Canada. However, today, I discovered that there's finally an option to do this! So for any...
  9. BlueSwordM

    How to open a Dyson battery pack?

    Hi guys. BlueSwordM again, I know. So, when I went to the Home Depot to ask if I could take batteries, they of course, let me, and I found 4 Dyson Battery packs. According to their specifications, they had 6x2800mAh high drain batteries, and they were 20A each! So an excellent find, a really...
  10. BlueSwordM

    Has anyone used or heard about cell level laser fusing?

    BlueSwordM here. After watching one of Jehugarcia's videos, I looked at the comment section, and I found someone talking about cell level laser fusing being employed by an Austrian company, along with other techniques like immersing the cells inside of a non conductive liquid, to get 18650/2170...
  11. BlueSwordM

    18650 bubbling from the inside

    Hi guys. So I have a problem. While charging one of my red Sanyo 18650s, I noticed some bubbling noise from it, and noticed a small tear. In a panic, I took it out and I felt a nice oily scent in the air, and put it in sand. Is it completely dead? And what might have been the source of the...
  12. BlueSwordM

    All the things I bought for my battery project :D

    Yo. I'm here. I've bought tons of 18650 stuff on Ebay lately, and here's my list for now Also, I know the BMS really isnt necessary, but I like over discharge protection, just in case. And ask me why I bought this and that if you want. Is there anything I should add to it?
  13. BlueSwordM

    Implementing HTTPS

    Hi everybody. BlueSwordM again. So this might be important. Is there a way you could implement HTTPS in the site? Because every time I log in, there's a popup dialog telling me that the connection isn't secure. Thinking about it a bit more, it would be very important to implement HTTPS just for...
  14. BlueSwordM

    Charging 12.6V Battery Pack with a 12.3V source?

    BlueSwordM here. I've got a question here for you folks here. So I'll be beginning my portable laptop battery project, and I'm currently tackling the charging situation. I'll be using a 3S Balance BMS Charger from a local shop since it's pretty cheap for 2, especially for a local shop, also...
  15. BlueSwordM

    Sweet hello from Canada, Quebec!

    Hi everybody! This is BlueSwordM here. This isn't my first time on here, but it's my first time posting. I know quite a bit about PCs and electronics in general, so I'm really interesting in learning even more about lithium-ion batteries and how to use them in a smart and efficient way. I don't...