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    do I need four BMS's

    i am finishing my 4x14s200p 18650 li-ionpower wall. do I need four 70A BMS's as I use 3 4048 PIP's. each inverter can draw 80A. please advise which BMS to useexcept Batrium which I can't afford.
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    Hi gents In my search for charge controller for my future powerwall I come across this site: Do anybody heard of this store? I sent them some simple questions :)re. PCM60...
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    difference between quick and nor(mal) charging

    Hi ladies and gents, I started with testing 18650 using Litto Kala 500. I do three cycles per day on NOR(mal) mode. I wander what is the difference using quick test mode instead. I tested several cells with quick mode, retested on normal mode and find minor difference in capacity (50mAh). Why...
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    Buying Batteries in South Africa

    Is anyone selling batteries in South Africa or is willing the send them over here?
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    please advise me should I go for it

    Hi ladies and gents! Another question from here. Luckily I found this site and can learn a lot from you guys. I must admit that learning curb is very steep as electronics is not my field. Struggling to get second life cells decided to go for new ones. Are this batts...
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    18650 Li on vs Lifepo4 cilinder cells

    Hi ladies and gents! I apologize if this post is in the wrong place as I don't know where to ask questions re. my dilemma. I found that 18650 Lion cells have about 3-600 cycles of life. If so I wander why you guys who build power walls "waste" your time to make a batteries which will last so...
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    18650 5000mAh, are they for real!!?

    Hi gents, my first post on this board. Well I am here to learn more about building my own power wall. Searching the web I came across 5000mAh cells!! 12 new cells for USD11!! Never heard of so "big" cells. Can experient guys tell me are there 5000mAh cells at all!? thanks