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  1. Wolf

    RC3563 IR tester

    True but this is not a typical multimeter. This is a 1kHz AC 4 wire impedance/resistance tester. @BatrakovSV your holder diagram has me confused as my trace outs on the 6 that I own (2 not unpacked) but I assume they are all the same as the 4 I have unpacked is a bit different The actual...
  2. Wolf

    batteryhookup nickel fuse

    As I said before ^^^ above^^^ the 10p pack scenario. Is it a possibility for someone to build a 4s4p battery using the cell level fuse sheets of lets say INR18650 25-R cells with a 20A max discharge rating and decide to pull 20A+ out of the battery? Sure thats 5A per cell and I am sure the...
  3. Wolf

    Looking for some Sony US18650VT Cells

    Of what I can see there is no BMS it looks to be a simple 4s1p. If it had a BMS it should have a sense and balance wire where cell 2 and 3 join. Wolf
  4. Wolf

    batteryhookup nickel fuse

    This is a good discussion on the cell level fuse sheets and what are the benefits and what are the drawbacks. The benefits are that it makes pack spotwelding a breeze and gives you a good surface to solder substantial buss bars onto so your power draw on a, lets say 80p pack, can be reasonably...
  5. Wolf

    The Passion of the Li-Ion 18650

    The next cells are the Panasonic cells They are the CGR (Cobalt-Manganese-Nickel) and NCR (Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum Oxide) which makes them Hybrids. Panasonic has been and still is (Tesla chose to partner with Panasonic early on) a pioneer in the Li-Ion battery manufacturing. These are some of...
  6. Wolf

    OffGridInTheCity Build

    DOS 1.2 well you are dating yourself 😲 I was introduced to DOS 5.x then 6.x. Went to Windows 3.0, 3.1etc. Terrible stuff those days. Dipped my toes in OS/2 and was intrigued with 32bit stuff. Unfortunately it suffered from lack of applications so it was abandoned. Then there was Netware and...
  7. Wolf

    DIY 18650 charger/tester

    That would be github Wolf
  8. Wolf

    Building first small battery pack, ESR question

    Nice so your AC IR between different cells shouldn't be too far off from each other. Still with the XTAR VC8 C/D/C cycle just the discharge at 300mA will be 8+ hrs. bad enough on an OPUS at 1A a complete C/D/C from an empty cell is still 7.5+ hrs. :)
  9. Wolf

    Building first small battery pack, ESR question

    Unfortunately I have not tested the XTAR VC8 but I did test the XTAR DRAGON VP4 PLUS. The XTAR dragon has a seperate mode to test IR with a special set of probes and was relatively accurate just clumsy to use and really not designed for mass harvesting. Also at $84 it was kinda expensive for a...
  10. Wolf

    The Passion of the Li-Ion 18650

    The next cell in my discussion is the LG S3 2200mAh, or more commonly known as the ICR18650S3 which includes the part numbers : LGAAS31865 LGCAS31865 LGCS318650 LGDAS31865 LGDS318650 LGEAS31865 LGES318650 From what I gather these are the workhorse of the LG 2200mAh ICR battery lineup. They are...
  11. Wolf

    Mixing 18650 capacities

    Depends on how you want to build it. You could have a (let's say 7s20p) battery and add as in figure 1 additional 7sxxp packs. You are in essence parallelling packs to each pack. In my case I build 14s80p packs and each one is its own battery. I then parallel the batteries together through a 2...
  12. Wolf

    The winter months are brutal!!!

    No solar in the NE today.😞 Wolf
  13. Wolf

    The Passion of the Li-Ion 18650

    As we all are aware there are hundreds of millions if not billions of 18650 cells in all kinds of devices and there will continue to be a demand and supply of this form factor. Too many designs for this form factor would have to be changed, molds redesigned, BMS redeveloped, loads recalculated...
  14. Wolf

    OffGridInTheCity Build

    Yep I already had to climb the roof twice so far to clear the snow off of the pannels. The last 30 days have not been good. But look on the bright side since dec 21 we are gaining each day. Wolf
  15. Wolf

    Flipout battery screwdriver FOSH2014, Battery Question

    Below?? Oh was the post in the wrong place? Didn't notice. Wolf
  16. Wolf

    Flipout battery screwdriver FOSH2014, Battery Question

    You can purchase these batteries (INR18350) pretty much anywhere just make sure they are a reputable dealer. Find a friend that has a spot welder or you could solder the leads on (not necessarily recommended) but doable. You can probably almost double your capacity...
  17. Wolf

    Anyone know of a settable solar charge controller under $500

    Got to be a typo I think. Should be "NPF" I'm thinking Sony NPF batteries. It is more of a case design that fits a multitude of devices mostly interchangeable with video cameras I think. The packs come with 2 or 4 18650 cells I think. If @Solexx X can verify that would be great. Wolf
  18. Wolf

    YR1035+ enabling serial port to read data

    @Oleksii So yea I played around with my YR1035+ and did the CP2102 update, and I got serial data....... yes. So now what am I going to do with it? I can see all that on the YR1035+ screen and now I have it on my PC. so what? Never leaving an opportunity to learn something new I got out the...
  19. Wolf

    Correlation of internal resistance (IR) and self discharge

    I took a guess of the IR on #8 but here is your chart of 12 with trendlines. Ya can't give me numbers and not expect me to do something with them. :) Wolf
  20. Wolf

    New build moving away from lead acid… what a nightmare they are!

    I am slightly confused. (Not that it takes a lot) I see several style 110Ah batteries from Advanced Battery Supplies and am wondering what type you got AGM or Leisure or another style. Also why you are only able to charge to 85% and from a full charge from the mains? (85% or 100%) you are only...