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  1. Russell Smith

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Its been a while folks, but I've just found a cell I cant ID. Google has failed me (or my search skills have - one or other) Orange / Gray wrap combo DX 186501C 26 062A15235 C15271018982 5 came out of a 13000mah 'S16' PowerBank. Indicating 2600mah. 1A testing on an OPUS gave between 2500 and...
  2. Russell Smith

    Sanyo UR18650F Cell Specifications

    90% of my UR18650F's have green isolator rings... I've also got two different wrap colours... older cells are red whereas the newer cells are slightly pinker.. Infront of me I have UR18650F R1112 - Red/Green UR18650F M50A - Red/Cyan and UR18650F T27C - PinkyRed/Green Hope this helps...
  3. Russell Smith

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Hi Mike, These came out of an old IBM laptop pack. (IBM 02K6822) I cant find anything on them but I'll take a guess at 2200mah and 3.7V Nominal :-D Id also guess 2009 (from the WT081109) I've included a shot of the base as well as it isn't flat like others...