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  1. Riplash

    How big of an inverter for your RV, Boat, or non house powerwall--Inverter Sizing

    Greetings everybody. My progress on the boat is going well. I am trying to get the bottom fiberglassed, and painted soon, so I can flip it over and work on the inside. I have 2100 cells tested and probably 500 ready for testing. I don't NEED the Inverter yet, but I want to get the inverter...
  2. Riplash

    Active Charging to replace Active Balancing

    Hello All, There has been a lot of discussions recently about passive balancing versus active balancing with a B.M.S. But I haven't seen any discussion about balancing a pack by charging only the lower cells. Do any of the B.M.S.'s or charging systemsthat are used for Powerwall's do active or...
  3. Riplash

    Wire for Spot Welding

    Hello All; Have any of you experimented with spot weldingfuse wire like Jehu did with 1/4 watt resistor legs? I would like to do the same thing because I can rapidly spot weld the glass fuse legs to the cells and solder the other end to the bus bar. I would like to use heavier wire on the...
  4. Riplash

    Bus Bar Design--Why Twist copper Wire?

    Hey All, I have a question about why a lot of powerwall builders twist 10 AWG or 12 AWG copper wire together to make their bus bars. Is it cheaper that way, or does that allow you to use wire you already have? What are the advantages and disadvantages of twisting the smaller wire as opposed to...
  5. Riplash

    Arduino Timing Board for Spot Welder

    Hello All, I have been using hand timed spot welders recently, with different types of power sources such as lead acid motor batteries, 18650 cells in a 3sx20p, rewound microwave oven transformer. So far all of them work okay, but I personally like the Microwave Transformer the best. All...
  6. Riplash

    My Projects Cells- RC Planes, Portable AC inverter/batterypack, and Hybrid Boat

    Hey There, I just put my first 2 packs that I built from second life cellsin the Cell counter and there was a link to post your projects here. So my first project is replacing Ni-Mh battery packs in some of my old Electric Gliders and RC planes. I just made 2 3S x 1P battery packs for a total...