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    Groupbuy Europe for NMC Storage Cells

    Hello Guys In Netherlands we will group buy 37Ah NMC Pouch cells. A big box include 78 cells. Cells will be delivered in September-October. It will cost maximum 15.5Euro/cell for box of 16 cells. More order will decrease our cost. Anybody interested in more info whatsapp me +31614815112 PS...
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    For Europe i am selling Solar BMS Electrodacus and Lifepo4

    In Netherlands we have SBMS0 , DSSR other parts + 500A shunts + B Grade pouch Lifepo4 cells of A123 Systems. Please check price for SBMS0 here. For Lifepo4 cells you can inform your quanity and delivery Zip code , we can work on best offer. SBMS0 136EURO ( Pre installed 23Euro Wifi/USB...
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    We will order a few SBMS and DSSR from Dacian at the end of December. Anybody interested to decrease the shippingcost ?
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    West Europe NEW Amazing Lifepo4 Cells of the A123 Lithium

    Hello All Now we have a lot of new A123 Pouch Lifepo4 cellsin The Netherlands. We only willsell to thepeople and companiesin West Europe . No international delivery.Cellsare all new in wrappedpacks,67Ah isLifepo4 and20Ah isUltraphosphate Lifepo4. Ultraphosphate has a very limitedquantity , the...
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    Who poisoned you for Lithium ?

    I remember clearly mine , i end up watching Jehu Garcia'svideo about Esamba VW busin 2015 , was published in 2014. I don't watch him anymore but still remember how greatly he pronounced "Baaaatteries" "Lets talk about Batteries" Very impressed how he approached batteriesthen started to...
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    FREE Solar Junction Box

    Ihave the attached 1 junction box free. Anybody need it ? I am in Utrecht NL.
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    BYD , CATL & Sinopoly , Winston LFE Cells

    At DIY community i am hearing about Sinopoly and Thundersky and Winston etc. But in key players of LFE we only read about CATL , BYDetc. I had an old image in my mind Winston is amazing with its Yttrium cathodeetc with unbeatable 2000+cycles etc. So why we don't hear about those Sinopoly ...
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    West Europe Battery Hookup Groupbuy Powerwall

    Hello from Netherlands Just registered theforum.I made different projects.Now i wanna pimp my Bakfiets ( Dutch e-cargo bike for kids ) and apowerwallfor solar. +Who would be interested in group buy from USA to WestEurope for cells.(Netherlands , Belgium , France,Germany ) +My goalis to have...