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    1,341bhp Nio EP9 sets new N?rburgring electric car lap record

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    lithium helicopter

    "Battery-Powered Robinson R44 High voltage battery system being prepared for installation in a Robinson R44. In September 2016, Martine Rothblatt and Tier1 Engineering successfully tested an electric-powered helicopter which took flight at Los Alamitos Army Airfield."...
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    I have a small piece of land that is completely off-grid except water and my plan is to build a 'tiny house' and live there, like the good ol' days :) but of course with modern technology like my laptop, interweb and phone! So my first goal, was to build a small powerwall that could keep my...
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    Inverter 12v - 220v Low voltage cutoff

    Hi folks, i'm having a hard time finding a inverter that suits a 4s lithium bank (12v-16v) All inverters I have found so far has: High voltage cut off: 15 - 15,5v Low voltage alarm: 11v - 11,5v Low voltage cut off: 10 - 10,5v I would like a inverter with adjustble or the spec's: High...
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    greetings from denmark

    Hi all, Thank you for making this forum HB-Powerwall and for all of your very inspiring videos! I'am a web developer and graphic designer by trade and a keen D.I.Y Powerwall builder after watching HB and Kennett's youtube channel :D My wall so far: 400 18650's 240aH