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    The EV gas can

    Hey everyone, I got roped into a project involving a 2013 Nissan Leaf and a bunch of 18650s. The car is getting older, so the range is understandably decreased by a bit. Gets about 65 miles and need it to go 80. The idea is to try and build a cheaper “range extender” and seeing if it works...
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    Laptop cells

    Hey everyone, im looking to sell off all my laptop cells to make room for better cells, meaning the laptop ones won’t be used. I’ve got: 250 untested laptop cells from various name brands all showing good voltage(3+v) or low voltage (1-2v). No shorted cells. 140 tested name brand cells all...
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    Dyson BMS

    Hi everybody, I’ve opened quite a few dyson vacuum packs and noticed that once the BMS detects a problem the light flashes red and seems to be permanently disabled. Was trying to figure out how to reset it but got nowhere, does anyone know how to “unlock” the BMS once it has been locked? I’d...
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    Solar charging noob question

    My current planned setup is to have the solar panel go through a charge controller, with charges the battery. That part works fine. My question is how should the inverter connect? Is there an issue with connecting to input of the inverter to the battery? Effectively connecting the battery and...
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    My 12v packs

    Hi everybody, long time lurker here. I thought it might be time to share what I’ve done so here it is. my 3s34p battery packs made from Samsung 35E cells extracted from bad BMS ebike packs, all test 100% capacity and internal resistance is according to data sheet. It’s designed for low...
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    [SELLING] very lightly used tested and untested INR18650MH1 cells

    I’ve got some of these INR18650MH1 cells extracted from power storage packs with assembly defects and were used little to none. For tested cells, all cells testing 3000mah with a majority over 3100mah or more and have capacity written on the cell. All cells were extracted from packs at 3.5v+...