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    Battery balancing before connecting in parallel

    Hi, I have sorted my nissan leaf cells, and are more or less ready to connect the parallell bus bar. I have batteries from 3 cars, where 2 of them are 3.98v now and the last 3.79v pr cell. Is this too high difference to connect? Should I charge up/drain to get them more equal? How much diff...
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    Norwegian 60kwh Powerwall SI8.0 REC BMS Leaf cells

    Hi all, I've been reading alot of the threads and thought it was about time to post about my project, and get some tips/help for my build. Its based on 3 complete Nissan Leaf batteries + 3 modules, giving me 147 modules in a 14S42P setup. I will be using REC BMS and Sunny Island 8.0 battery...