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    voltage showing between inverter's earth and neutral

    voltage of 20v is showing between inverter's earth and neutral when only battery is connected. when input, output and earth connection is made voltage is showing 120v between earth and neutral without load. With load voltage is showing 55v between earth and neutral.
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    Fangpusun inverter

    Has anyone here used fangpusun inverter?
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    Voltage(52v) showing between earth and neutral on output from inverter

    my setup is 5kva inverter with 48v battery and utility(230v) input . when inverter bypass utility to load, voltage between earth and neutral is negligible. But when inverter powers load from battery , earth and neutral showing voltage of 52v and earth to live is 178v, live to neutral is 230v...
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    MOSFET in the bms getting hot

    when high current is drained, mosfet in the bms is getting very hot(nearly 100° C). Any reasons?
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    i made 2 battery packs(16s8p,48ah) with 128(32650,lifepo4,6ah) cells each. The bms i am using can do 50A continuous and 100A peak. when i applied load of 500watts, bms is cutting off the battery. same for both the packs. i am attaching the picture of bms software of each pack. it is seen that on...
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    UPS turning off even when the battery voltage is 13v

    Why ups is turning off even when the voltage of the battery is 13v. the cut-off voltage of the ups is 10v. But ups is turning off within minutes without using the battery charge. it even turns off even on very low load like 10w within in minutes. Any idea?
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    equalization start drill

    when i was searching for a bms for my 600va ups battery pack, I came across this "equalization start drill " term. Can anyone explain?