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    Esmart3 nuissances

    Later on I will play with this setting, for now, since the Esmart3 is 0.8 below the battery I will lower the bulk float equaliztion values by 0.8 So to have a sync charging with reality Then I will review load and PV voltage when PV are ready :) I do program... so I need to dive into Python and...
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    Esmart3 nuissances

    second field in the right column, you put the V value or the "1658" number that match my Battery voltage? My Esmart3 CC is 0.8 away from the battery voltage, I was thinking increase 0.8 to each bulk float etc. value to leave like this :) Opinions please
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    Esmart3 nuissances

    yeap, I read that is not the 3 field, Im working on other.... should I use BIAS field by +-0.1 value to calibrate?
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    Esmart3 nuissances

    Gosh.... you saved me hours of crazy calibration.... hidden menu works like a charm !!!!
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    18650 Powered Off Grid

    Why Battery Lead are not equal length ? or I Need Glasses ?
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    Sanyo UR18650ZTA Cell Specifications

    Found 4 of this.... but look a bit smaller than a normal 18650 ?
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    On Testing Battery Pops

    Hi All, while testing batteries on my Liitokala 500.... two Sanyo's gave me that "Pop" sound and stop registering, I tooked out and was discharging . Is common that this portectiong arise or could be the charger? Thanks in advance! CG.
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    new powerwall project

    Damnnnn 84 Packs Im still harvesting my first pack :D
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    Como medir con mult?metro un bms

    Puedes usar el primer negativo, a cada uno de los positivos.... pero , make it on Englih here :)
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    Repackr dot com Vs Capacity cells sorting

    Guy Thanks!, thanks for open my eyes.... still harvesting laptop batteries ... looking for a 14s100p, Thanks again!
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    Repackr dot com Vs Capacity cells sorting

    the capacity list is the parallel pack or the series? ... help CG.
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    Repackr dot com Vs Capacity cells sorting

    Hi All, I have been reading that each parallel should have cells within 50 to 100mAh But in when I usi it, give me in each parallel block on top 2600 and the bottom of the "p" 1800mah ones.... Can you please clarify what im missing :( Thanks!
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    Wow, Amazing setups.... I would like to know the avg. capacity per P cell ?
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    eSmart3 Charge Controller Calibration

    For me the best practica is Solder the strands.... never failed for me at least :) I indeed have a 14S system you nailed again with this advise :) Thanks !
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    eSmart3 Charge Controller Calibration

    Noted, and thanks for the extra inside of these Esmart3 CG
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    eSmart3 Charge Controller Calibration

    I will be getting 2 of this, probably I will need to come again and review this calibration process
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    Question ... Dual Coil Limiter cable for GTIL

    Excellent contribution champ.... is each one test the best performance from options at hand! CG.
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    Grid Tie inverter with Limiter - Watts reading the half

    Im working to finish my wiring to 240, making some space for a new 240 breaker.... Now, I can directly plug battery and solar to the GTIL input poles ?
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    Grid Tie inverter with Limiter - Watts reading the half

    One more question, GTIL will device the load from solar / bat equally to L1 and L2, or per requirements?, at the on both cases will be zero out right ? CG