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    Laptop Batteries Giveaway

    I have 150+ laptop batteries collected during the last Year. However, my powerwall is full, for now. Therefore I offer these laptop batteries for free, You just pay the shipping. PM me and when I know where You live, I can find out what it costs to ship a box of say 20 Kgs. EU only.
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    18650 tested cells

    18650 cells for sale. 263 cells tested with Foxnovo 4S digital charger at 1 A discharge. All cells are 80%+ of rated cap and all keep more than 4 volts after 3 weeks. The 263 cells are156 ea 2300+ mAh, 83 ea 2400+ mAh and 24 ea 2500+ mAh. 2200+ cells sell for 84/100 so I think my asking price...
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    Automatic Circuit breakers

    Hi. I presume that most of You use a lot of auto cbs, 10A or 13A for 230 Volts AC and DC CBs for the solar side. However, I have removed the 13A CBthat was placed after my 230 V ACinverter. MostInverters areprotected against shorts and other mishaps, so a CBon the AC side should not be...
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    24 or 48 Volts?

    Reading through the forums, most of the experienced users recommend 48 Volts. I know, each KW is only 20 Amps, so 80 Amps will get you 4 KW, nice and tidy using a PIP4048. However, I am now going to tell Youthat I have changed to 24 Volts. :huh: Why? My first setup was 48 Volts, a PIP4048...
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    Batrium LongMons

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    Batrium WI-FI Join AP Mode

    Usually, read before I had to re-flash the Batrium Watchmon4with new firmware, the join AP feature worked flawlessly. If the LAN Server went down, the Watchmon4just waited until the WI-FI was back up, and then it automatically reconnected to the AP. Not any more :( If my router is out for a...
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    MPP Solar MK Series

    MPP Solar has launched a new Series of Inverter/chargers with "improved" ratings. Question: Has anybody bought one of these units yet? Models are 3024MK or 5048MK. If so, could You please verify (I hope not.) that this unit indeed needs 75 Watts just to run without load. Reason for my interest...
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    ICharger X6

    :huh:I bought an ICharger X6 because of the Regenerative feature, that let me preserve the power I normally just dissipate as heat. However, it seems that Banggod does not sell the genuine ICharger but a cheap copy without the ability to select regenerative discharging. I may do something...
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    Cell self discharge

    How much cell self discharge do You consider OK? We all have our own "self approved" procedure when we sort our harvested li-ion cells. My question to You out there is, how much voltage loss/week do You tolerate? ChrisD
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    Batrium, Lo Cell Cutout

    WatchMon4 + Expansion What I want: When any cellbank goes below 3.2 volts, I need a signal to to trip and stopdischarge. Here is what I have set up. Lo Cell Volt CV2 3.20V Control Critical: Lo Cell Volt ON 3,20 V Actual 3,47 V Discharge: Cell Low Cutout ON 3,30 V CV3 3,47 X Cell Low...
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    Cell Internal Resistance

    This info I provide here is without warranty, You can read it, You canthink about it and make your own conclusions, or You can simply trash it and think that this crazy Dane should be excluded from posting here. You be thejudge. This is my first attempt so please do not be too harsh in Your...
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    Unknown Cells in Cell Database

    The Cell Database is a great place to find out what Your salvaged Cells can do, but sometimes we get strange cells with unknown markings and no data. However, if we combine efforts, we might be able to make some kind of Data available for everyone to see. I suggest we make a Cell Database for...