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    Need help with automating 18650 tests

    Hey, i'll soon get a shipment of over 3000 18650 cells and i could need some help with automating some parts of it. The process should be the following: - put cell into RC3563 IR meter & write down voltage & IR | usefull for a soon to be released tool - capacity test them & write it down - put...
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    Your worst lithium cells

    I went through my rejected 18650's and came across a couple of weird cells. My 2 most weird cells are a pair of Panasonic CGR18650C cells, they hold very little charge and as soon as they hit 3.7 volt, their internal resistance increaes up to 2 Ohm. What are your weiredst batteries you came...
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    Cell level fusing

    Hey guys, today I fell down the stairs with my first DIY battery and sadly some of the fuses i used snapped and i decided to redo the whole battery since there are many issues i have with it to begin with. So my question is, how, if at all, you guys are doing your cell level fusing of 18650...
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    JBD BMS issue

    tl;dr - bms wont turn on anymore, any clues? Hey guys, i finally build my 14s32p battery pack and did some discharge testing over night, a 25w light bulb. All was good and dandy, i played a bit around with the settings and revert them back to Li-Ion normal after i was done and it was still...
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    Tesla and how they treat their batteries

    During my nightly research about batteries, trying to find proper documentations about Li-ion batteries, I stumbled upon some topics from Tesla. Probably everyone here knows them and some might even know, how well their batteries actually age. (85% capacity after 320k km / 200k miles) Their 1st...