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  1. J

    A123 Lifepo4 - Pouch Cells - 20ah compacts

    Hey all - Not sure if you saw this from Battery clearinghouse but these cells are legit! From the ones I received I think this are new old stock from 2020 and they are selling them off. I bought a bunch of them and so far they tested exactly at 20ah. Now to find the supplier of those little...
  2. J

    Battery Packs for Sale - (48) Philips 14.4 li-ion -Sanyo white top 2200 & (31) Arris w/ 8LG 2200mah (Sacramento CA)

    Well time to clean out some old projects - All located in Newcastle California - prefer local pickup if possible. This is almost 10kwh worth of cells :). I have 48 medical ventilator battery packs that are Philips 14.4v packs each holds 20 Sanyo white top li-ion 2200mah cells. Each pack is 163...
  3. J

    Mosfet Replacements for a Schneider XM+ inverter

    So I have a new to me inverter that I picked up for pretty cheap and it is giving a error code. So once I got into the inverter I noticed that the Power bridge board is nuked with a few burned up mosfets. I tried to google the part number but haven't gotten anything? Any one here know where I...