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    Soldering 18650s

    It´s been stated, over and over again ... DO NOT SOLDER 18650s, but seems like almost every battery pack you see on Youtube, by experienced builders, actually solder their packs ??? Very few spot weld, and the majority solder their smaller busbars. Is soldering okay, if done properly, with the...
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    BMS + Balance Lead ?

    Simple question for the doyens. When connecting a separate, external balance lead, to an existing battery pack with BMS, is it just a matter of soldering the corresponding cable leads to the balance points on the BMS or parallel packs, in order to charge the pack using the external balance lead...
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    rePackr - Divergence/Deviation

    Are there any standard Divergence/Deviation +/- tolerances that should be adhered to, when optimizing pack build, using rePackr ?
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    4s Buck Down ?

    Planning on upgrading/replacing some relatively old/tired batteries in my RC Baitboat i use for carp fishing/baiting up. My boat has twin props, each powered by 2 x 7.4v li-ions, 1 x 12v lead acid for a Raymarine Sonar, 1 x 12v lead acid for a wifi range extender, and 1 x 6v lead acid for a...
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    Tried & Tested

    Hi Guys Looking to purchase a box load of "new" 18650s min: 15A min:3000mAh(unprotected) Which make/models would you recommend, for :- 1) Reliabilty 2) Longevity 3) Stability 4) Quality 5) Consistency 6) Low temperature discharge 7) Price Anyone using/recommendany of the following( please add...
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    Mass Cap Testing ?

    Hi Just received about 400 various 18650 used cells, and each one needs to undergo a capacity test. Been using an Xtar VC8, for smaller cell purchases, max 10 cells etc. Problem is, with the Xtar it takes ages as i can only capacity test 4 cells on the first bay, which takes hours :sleepy:Any...
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    Hi from Sweden !!!

    Howdy Folks ... hope everyones in the best of health, just like your battery packs :heart: