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    Samsung ICR18650-26F Cell Specifications

    found 6 of these in an old HP laptop
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    Sony US18650V3 Cell Specifications

    I just ordered a few of these from BatterySpace dot com (late 2020) The funny thing is that when they came, they were marked Murata INR19/66 not Sony, apparently Murata bought Sony's battery business...
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    Sanyo UR18650A Cell Specifications

    i found some of these in an old HP Laptop battery pack. the raised text UR18650A is very difficult to read. it has a suffix of R12A. there is also light black printing on the side, which says A RCCAYMB , with a numerical code beneath, 081811, numerical code looks different on each cell...
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    LG LGDB218650 Cell Specifications

    i found 4 in an old battery pack for a very old version of the Asus "EEEPc" minilaptop. the pack had 4 cells, it says 5200 mAh which calculates /4 to 1300 mAh per cell. it was very hard to get apart but it did look like 2p2s from the arrangement of tabs. epsecially since it shows 7.4 volts...
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    LG LGDAHA11865 Cell Specifications

    I found some of these in a Ryobi P102 18 volt battery for power tools. This particular battery is constructed as 5 cells serially connected to the Ryobi battery control board. Capacity was listed on the battery case as 24 Wh which calculates / 5 / 3.6 as 1304 mAh
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    Sony US18650GR (G6) Cell Specifications

    I have eight US18650GR G2H that I just liberated from a Apple clamshell ibook battery pack from circa 2000. Pack cover has the following text: iBook Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery model no M7426 *NI950SB6HHHA 825-4927-A (C) 1999 Apple Computer Made in Japan There are no watt, amp, or...