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    Riedon RSB 250amp 50mv current shunt

    As always the 'Good Stuff' is made in the USA and us Brits suffer trying to get hold of it. Would anyone on here be willing to source one locally and ship it out to me with all costs covered before hand via Paypal gift or similar. I've been quoted 15 weeks lead time by the wholesalers here in...
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    Best BMS setup for a 8S2P 360Ah 24v CALB battery .....

    Can I have recommendations for BMS on this setup bearing in mind my location and availability based in the UK...???
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    Motorhome Build Thread

    Hello all, ok, so I've been hovering and absorbing info at all levels before I go build/ lash out thousands on a perfect setup. Here lies the problem, I've been an electrician for almost 40 years now, very capable with the building/wiring aspect BUT have tied myself up in knots with the design...