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    4s Relay based BMS for LiFe

    I have about 95ah of 26650 lifepo cells that I want to make into a 4s 12v battery as a capacity extension for the 30ah main pack. These are setup in pelican style cases for camping and traveling, etc. Since the expansion pack is pretty large I'd like to make it self contained: i.e. a positive...
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    External small ATS

    I need a small ATS for a single 15-amp residential circuit. It would need to be fast in its switchover from mains to battery. But I would like to run on mains primarily.
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    Mini DC UPS packs

    I want to build some small packs to run some of my DC items if the power goes off. The main things I want to run are the wireless wifi mesh nodes for my network and a wireless hub for my weatherflow tempest wx station. Ideally I could keep the internet and wx online in a power outage. The...
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    Bluetooth smart bms help

    I wired up my standard chinese smart bms the other day to test out a couple things. I then took the system apart to clean things up and improve everything. When I hooked it up today it jumped into "short circuit protection" mode and I don't know why. I have the negative going into B- and then...
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    DC Circuit Breakers

    I need to order some circuit breakers for a 48v (15s) system. I also need breakers for the solar input as well. Here is where I think I need them: 1. between the battery and everything 2. Between the panels and the mppt 3. between the inverter and the battery Is there anything else that I...
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    15s ESS with 0v

    I've got a 15s17p ESS module with 0v. I have it torn down so I can check each cell group for voltage and such. Can I hook up a 1s charger to each group and charge one cell at a time to 4.2 and go from there? The cells are panasonic cells. Not sure the exact model. Supposedly 2350mah cells...
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    Reputable, Portable Solar Panels?

    I bought some "100 watt mono" flexible panels off ali and I haven't been impressed. Best I got was about 40 watts each when running a few in series to boost voltage into a victron 100/15 controller. Recently one of the panels shorted out a cell and burned through. I need some lightweight panels...
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    V7 Rackmount UPS

    I was looking at this UPS to repurpose as an inverter for a 48v system. Does anyone know about this brand? It seems pretty cheap for the type. I was also looking at this one...
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    Nickel Strip with Cell Level Fusing

    Okay, this seems pretty cool. Wondering if anyone else has seen what battery hookup is selling now?
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    XiaoxiangBMS software

    I came across this iPhone app the other day and its pretty slick! I havent bought the pro version but Im thinking that I will. Apparently someone has fully decoded the controls to be able to read and write these bms units in a much more English friendly way. Edit: try this...
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    Simple MPPT Setup Questions

    I have some charge controller questions that I can't seem to find via search. I just finished the beta testing phase for a small portable power box. Beta means it works but just need to finish the little details... I have a victron 100/15 mppt in the box for charging the 4s10p lifepo4 pack...
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    Paralleling Battery Packs

    I have a couple 15s17p li-ion packs. Each one was once rated for just over 2kwh of storage. I was going to put a 15s smart bms in each pack and then parallel the output from the BMS to support a larger load. Then I came across these boards...
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    15s Small inverter

    I'm shopping around for a 15s inverter in the 1500-2000w running range. I'm going to buy a couple 15s packs from someone on the forum which will give me about 4kwh of storage. I'll likely use far less than 1000w on average at any given time. I already have a victron mppt charge controller and I...
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    Help picking solar controller

    I'm building a smaller portable pack (450wh) and I need a small solar charge controller. Here is what I am looking at. One critical point is that it must be RF quiet for radio communication equipment. Victron 100/15 Smart MPPT $137 amazon prime Genasun...
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    12vdc charger for 4s lifepo4 portable battery

    I'm looking for a 12vdc input charger that runs off the cigarette plug in a vehicle to charge a 37ah 4s lifepo4 portable battery. I'm also planning solar but I'd like to be able to run it off the engine when mobile. I've been searching around and so far have only come across lower power options...
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    Control BP-100 with SmartBMS

    I am building a portable battery. It will power DC stuff with buck converters as well as 1000w victron phoenix inverter. I bought a BP-100 to be my main battery shut off and safety device. I have a Bluetooth smart BMS and I was wondering if it would be possible to wire up the BMS so that it...
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    terminal insulators

    Recommendations? I need a few hundred for a project. Ideally with an affiliate code so that I can support the forum!
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    Cheap "MPPT" Controller

    Has anyone heard of this or used this brand? I have a spare optima deep cycle battery that is just sitting on the shelf and a couple 100 watt portable panels...
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    Victron DC-DC Converters

    So at this point I have a small collection of victron parts and I figure I should just keep buying blue things! I need a 24vdc to 12vdc converter for a 7s40p portable battery I am building. Here is what I am considering...
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    Electrical isolating plastic

    I need to mount some cell groups close to some metal surfaces but I don't want the bus bars to arc off the metal. They will be vibrationally isolated with rubber strips but I want a little reassurance. Is ABS a good material to use? Sheets of 1/16" thick ABS are cheap and readily available as...