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    On Testing Battery Pops

    Hi All, while testing batteries on my Liitokala 500.... two Sanyo's gave me that "Pop" sound and stop registering, I tooked out and was discharging . Is common that this portectiong arise or could be the charger? Thanks in advance! CG.
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    Repackr dot com Vs Capacity cells sorting

    Hi All, I have been reading that each parallel should have cells within 50 to 100mAh But in when I usi it, give me in each parallel block on top 2600 and the bottom of the "p" 1800mah ones.... Can you please clarify what im missing :( Thanks!
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    Grid Tie inverter with Limiter - Watts reading the half

    Hi All, I wired the two clamp to my 1K GTIL Auto sense, first was reading -neg, then I swapthem directions and know is reading +pos....But..... I disconencted everything at home and just plug a Fan to a wattmeter.... the Fan read was 58watts but GTIL was reading 32-33 This is my preliminar test...
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    GTIL Autosense with Limiter question

    Hi All Experts, Finally I got my Sun GTIL grid tie inverter with limiter. Im testing it with out any isolar panel and battery feeding it and..... I did the serial dual clamp connection and seems to be reading it nicely. But.... when I have everything disconnected.... I got a reading of 5W...
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    Cheap capacity tester

    Hi All, have anyone played with this capacity tester ? afiliate link) Have good review and my budget price :D Thanks for your sincere feedback Cheers from Panama CG
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    Storaga voltave vs Full charge

    Hi All, Im in the process of select a decent BMS and reading through the details some of them recomend to connect the BMS to cell charged to 3.7 instead of full charge... which is your experience in this matter. Regards, CG from Panama
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    InHome Battery Pack app

    Hi All, I'm working on a tailor made app to configura battery packs, It will by a standalone exe then migrated to theweb.: Im planning to add include IR - initial volt from harvesting - lost voltage from rest - some other variables Feel free to send me anything you would like to add /...
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    BMS Top or Middle

    Hi All, Im goal is reach to 14s90p on my first battery... I have read that is recommended locate BMS in the middle of the stack or battery to have a distributed load/charge... This doesnt sound 100% valid on my powerwall baby knowledge.... what is your opinion about this topic ? P.D. =...
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    BMS capacity vs Load

    Hi All, I have a question related to BMS amps capacity. Im building a 14s18p powerwall , lets say that I can draw 5am per P = 90amps (idealy) But I know that the max charge capacity from the Charge Controller is 30 amps And the Load will not exceed 20 becuase I will use a 1k GTILv2 Im...
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    Is this a reliable Cell ?

    Hi All, I just come accross this 6 cells, JDDL INR, looks a custom chinnesse batt, came on a OEM battery replacement of a laptop. I havent charged nor test it yet> I would like to know if anyone have experience with this and it performance on PowerWalls. Thanks
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    Strongest P.. is true ?

    Hi All, I read on another forum that setting the first 1p and the list Np parallel rows with the strongest capacity will help to make less difficult the balancing... Is this true ? CG
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    How to Test Amh capacity of your packed cells

    Hi All, I'm still harvesting and studying about secondlife storage.... I'm curious to know how do you determine the each battery cell capacity after grouped and package so if I have a setup of 2 x 13s8p ... in theory each p shoud have a similar capacity multiplied by humber of rows.... but is...
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    Charger 1Ah Battery Temp

    Hi All, Me again, trying to absorve as much as I can.... Im charging a battery at 1Amh (Theorically) maybe is getting a bit less than that, and Im getting Temp readings with my temp gun of 47C degrees =116.6F degrees What is the acceptable max degrees per cell... allowed .. cell is a Samsung...
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    Question ... Dual Coil Limiter cable for GTIL

    Hi All, I just ordered a two CT clamps rated 100A / 50mah ... ... to connect them in series to cover both hots..... and suppously this will allow us to read properly the whole house consumption..... But I was checking this guy dual ct clamp "Calibrated" and "Adjustable": no afialiated link...
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    PowerWall battery reference Question....

    Hi All, I got a lot of Arris modem batteries which comes with ICR18650-26F I have read few lines about these batts.... Those theseare doable for powerwall goal ? Battery: Lot: Thanks in advance for the replies
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    Does EBL 18650 3000mAh are...

    Hi All, In you vast experience,Does EBL 18650 3000mAh are good for powerwall purposes.... I have seen nom test giving 2500 avg. of 3000mAh advertise... I would like to know if worth it for powerwall overheating mR etc. Any info provided is highly appreciated. CG From Panama
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    EBL charger to recover batteries

    Hi All, i was told that the EBL Single slot battery charger is good to reconditionate batteries... take more than 8 hrs to fully charge a good battery What is your opinion about this:
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    Anyone came accorss with this battery :

    Anyone came accorss with this battery : DSD ICR18650F - 3.7v 2200mAh 8.1Wh BF10 Can find it on the cell database stored for a while and came with 2.58v charge from rest... I'm still waiting for my Liilikola Thanks for any info about these