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    Inverter input voltage and battery design

    You can buy victron stuff in the states from Northern Arizona wind and Sun or Pkys. Both ship quickly and have fair pricing. Victron carries a 5-year warranty which is neat. Of course I haven't had any of my victron stuff fail over the last 2-years I've been using it.
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    MPPT is giving lower amps than other

    Are both controllers the same victron model? Do you have the same settings? You could get a bluetooth smart battery sense and throw it on a smart network so that it reports battery voltage to both MPPTs so they are all synced together. Heck, You might want to just add both MPPT to the same smart...
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    24v 32ah

    If you are using 3.2 v 6ah lifepo4 cells then a 8s6p (48 cells) would give you a 24v 36ah pack. If you end up with a different capacity cell then the math would change for the number in parallel but you would still run 8s to get a 24v nominal pack. The reality is that 8s is actually 25.6 nominal...
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    Anyone know of a settable solar charge controller under $500

    Right. Except they do advertise it. And I'm telling you from personal experience. You asked for solar chargers under $500. I'm not sure what you expected.
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    Anyone know of a settable solar charge controller under $500

    Perhaps it depends on your definition of cheap. $120 for a smaller highly competant controller seems cheap to me. And backed by actual service vs the chinese stuff. You can load a preset if you want or you can configure all kinds of stuff about these. It is incredibly easy and can be changed on...
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    Anyone know of a settable solar charge controller under $500

    you need a mppt for the 7s20p? Victron smart solar are pretty well priced. Fully configurable including limiting charge current should you want that. All through the phone app and bluetooth. Very easy to use. I have a small 4s10p lifepo4 portable pack (~400wh) and I charge it off my 48v...
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    Interfering with Ham Radio

    How big of an inverter are you going to buy? What is the distance from your shack to your powerwall/electronics? Victron MPPTs are supposedly rf quiet so I wonder if their inverters are as well. One of these days I'll test for my general and get on the HF bands. But right now I can't answer...
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    Used LG Chem Juicy Ion

    I'm good right now. I've already got a ton of cells I need to build into packs. Thanks for the offer.
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    Recommend 16S LiFePo4 BMS with atleast 100A charge/discharge and RPi monitoring?

    What about using the BMS output to control contactors? You can keep everything in place and instead of it switching the load directly it just sends the signal to the contactor?
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    Used LG Chem Juicy Ion

    Just for reference... I shoot for used stuff in the $100/kwh range. If the packs are truly 50% used then they have around 150wh/pack. So I would expect to pay around $15/pack to get to that $100/kwh range. I know that is a lot of cells but they aren't high capacity cells to begin with so you...
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    Multi-function Battery Monitor Meter

    That is some chinese brand he uses. It looks decent. I use a Victron BMV-702 with the bluetooth adapter. It is more energy efficient to go with the 712 that has the bluetooth built into the unit. Whatever they are using for the external bluetooth adapter has some wild range to it. I can connect...
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    Multi-function Battery Monitor Meter

    I have the second style on a little portable pack and it sucks. I have a victron BMV on my fixed setup and it is awesome. I have the model without bluetooth and added the dongle so I can use it in the victron smart network. Victron releases updates for most of their products regularly and they...
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    A123 Lifepo4 - Pouch Cells - 20ah compacts

    Wow, that is less than $90/kwh before shipping.
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    SELLING Li-Ion prismatic cells

    It "fell off the truck". :D It does look pretty dinged like it took quite the tumble.
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    LiFepo4 portable power station

    I use the anderson power pole connections all over the place. They are awesome!! I have a similar type of box that I built with 26650 in a 4s10p setup. I have a victron mppt inside too so I can plug in my portable panels and keep things going in camp for quite a while!
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    WTB: DC Only Power Station

    Get yourself a victron Dc-DC converter and then set your output voltage according to the devices. If you need more output they can be paralleled to give greater amperage. Then the battery can be whatever. i have a small 400wh dc power case I use for lighting and device charging on long hunts. I...
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    Solid State contactor or Electromechanical contactor?

    I've used Teledyne SSR in beer brewing operations where the controller are pulsing 5500w AC heating elements multiple times per second to maintain certain tempertures. They work great for that but they generate a ton of heat and have to be mounted to a substantial heat sink so they don't...
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    They're here well half of them thank you Battery hookup

    What are the specs on those cells? I didn't see them on the battery hookup site.
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    Why did you delete your original post? That really makes this thread useless for other people to learn.