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    Diesel heater (error code 7) When invertor turned on

    Like ajw22 suggested, try a large capacitor, eg 2,200uF 25V across the controller input but also add a diode eg 1A/100V like this: Orion 12V positive output > diode > controller with capacitor. This way, when the inverter pulls a brief surge, the cap is not drained by the inverter & holds the...
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    Batrium and Australian smoke detectors

    I googled for "smoke detector with alarm contacts" & there where lots, seem more expensive than the regular ones though.. Might also be called "smoke detector 4 wire" eg Should find one with relay contact output - "alarm output"? These should be...
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    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Review (Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology)

    OK the voltages you are using are good. The swelling is not so good - that's probably what the smell is from, ie they are venting some gas/vapours. If you can arrange some framing to compress the cells back to "normal" shape, this would probably help the life. The original use probably over...
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    Pack Fusing / Fuse Wire / Failure

    Could the CID's on some have opened?
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    EVE 280Ah LiFePO4 Review (Dongguan Lightning New Energy Technology)

    What voltage do you charge them to? Any signs of swelling?
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    only cells in particular position is discharging. Why?

    The strips may be too thin for the current. At 500W, 48V system, that's approx 10A Depending on voltage drops and the BMS connection points, you might be seeing effects of current flow on the strip resistance. The way those strips are laid out it are you sure you have even current flow through...
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    When things go wrong... it can go really wrong!

    To be clear, the "low volts" is when you first get the cell, what is it's initial voltage, not after any charging. Ie open pack, test volts as the first test done. If low, then bin/recycle. Next IR test, again before any charging - although testing this later is OK, just maybe not as time...
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    When things go wrong... it can go really wrong!

    It would also be good to understand the cell sorting process the builder used here. Did they test for low volts &/or high IR > bin before building the packs? Pete, did the guy share any of that?
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    Safe Ambient Temperature Range for 18650 Powerwall

    You might also want to ramp down the charge current if the temp is heading for the upper spec sheet limits....
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    I think I found the issue... HEATERS!

    Since Pete has a 14s system the cells are grouped in packs of 14, so cells 42 to 56 are in "the pack with the problem" & yes agree it looks like cell #44 is a heater/bad SD(self discharge) & I'd also be very suspicious of cell #51 for the same. Of the rest, only cell 2 cells stand out: #24...
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    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    You might like to look at some testing flow charts in this thread: Looking for cells to weed out early (before charge/discharge testing) is likely to save a lot of time. Like Wolf says above, Eg testing for low...
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    Any CEC approved installers lurking here? (NSW)

    Batteries on the roof? Wouldn't they get cooked? Don't want them over 40degC? How've you got it set up?
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    i think i found my perfect solution

    With your panel choice, going with the most common size the local solar industry is using now may save you money. Also consider what panel replacement cost might be if there is damage, eg from a hail storm or you drop one during install. Voc must be "cold day" heavy cloud to sudden full sun...
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    water (shower/bath/hands/dishes and home heating

    It's true water stores heat very well. Only better stuff is phase change salts. There's another recent post where Daromer pointed out it's not very efficient to go sun > PV > electricity > heating element (maybe 20%). It's much more efficient to go sun > heat water directly (approx 70 - 80%)...
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    Is "floating voltage" safe?

    As an interim to 48V upgrade why not parallel the 2x 24V batteries. Re the panels inputting power to that batteries, sounds like you need a proper MPPT charger vs the PWM unit (I'm guessing) you have now? A proper MPPT charger will "adapt" the panels best V max power point to the best output...
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    New packs

    They are the "red Sanyo's". Check them for IR first, these cells are notorious for being "heaters" & may not be safe to use (sorry for bad news!). They get hot when charging near full voltage but never get to "stop charge" voltage. You need an IR meter like a YR1030 to test with.
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    Headway 38120

    If you can emulate the charger's function with a CVCC buck converter, sure. Must current limit properly + stop at controlled CV point properly. Should also disconnect when it reaches CV & current has dropped away. You could also make socket adaptors, eg put a "blank" with wires in the regular &...
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    Como medir con mult?metro un bms

    Hola como comprobar un bms con un multmetro Hello how to check a bms with a multimeter Puedes usar el primer negativo, a cada uno de los positivos.... pero You can use the first negative, to each of the positives ... but Use the multimeter to measure each cell. Compare to what BMS says. To...
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    Nice system :-)
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    How would you stop the bottom cells from getting dented/crushed from basic handling?