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    14s20p vs 13s40p Pack configuration

    Do you have a link to the original pdf file? later floyd
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    Howdy from North Texas

    Welcome Lot of people have built packs for ups's APC seems to be the ups of choice some have adjustable voltage ranges. off hand I know OffGridinTheCity has a few Apc ups's. I have some triplite 36v ups's Later floyd
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    Always a joy to receive new toys, umm Tools.:) Later floyd
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    heating solar panels????wt*......

    This is what I meant by anti-freeze circulating a closed system with a pump maybe with switch activated sprayers so you could control which panels got the spray. Drain back valves on a timer.You don't want to be spraying an already clear of snow panel. Non toxic because you live there. :)...
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    heating solar panels????wt*......

    NOT automobile anti-freeze, rather just enough alcohol (Glycerol)/(Ethanol) to lower the freezing point of the water. so it would be less likely to freeze inside the pipes. Later floyd
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    heating solar panels????wt*......

    Constantly circulating water/anti freeze ( non toxic alcohol based anit-freeze) with solenoid operated valves might work. Later floyd
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    240v Inverter questions..

    No you will have 5000watts split between two 2500w legs- what ever loses your system has.. later floyd
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    Battery specs question

    looks like this one colorwise later floyd
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    Diesel heater (error code 7) When invertor turned on

    Have you tried a precharge circuit like ajw22 suggested? This may be a silly idea but 24 inverter--->to 12volt battery charger to 12v LiFePO4/lead acid battery to Diesel heater. Wouldn't need to be a large 12v charger. How many watts does the Diesel heater use? Could it be that the control on...
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    Battery sorting

    Read this thread has lots of good info. later floyd
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    Deligreen QNBBM balancers

    DIY Tech & Repairs tear down of Deligreen QNBBM? balancers later floyd
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    Hello from Germany/Poland

    Welcome, Put as many cells in parallel as possible / laptop cells aren't designed for massive amount of current from a single cell. How big of battery are you thinking about? Look up your laptop cells here the link is under battery...
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    Calculating Total Pack Ah

    279.551AH later floyd
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    IR Meter Recommendations

    So the Yr1030-1035+ are essentially the same reading .0001 high to .0001 low, I have the YR1030+ just did a quick test of a 6Ω resistor Now my test was no where as accurate as yours I am sure but it read the resistor as 6.00Ω. I am not sure because it was a cheap 50watt 6Ω audio resistor. later...
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    Hello From Spain

    Welcome later floyd
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    Aluminum Box for 18650s - Fireproof?

    theses systems work to exinguish the fire but Not the reignition of the fire for this you need a cooling agent, water is used to cool the components until they no longer reignite. Unless something new has been invented that can actually extinguish the fire.
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    private messaging ?

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    private messaging ?

    I noticed that private messaging has changed names to conversations I think. I also see are people posting questions and answers on Their profile instead of on the forum or Conversations? So is conversations the new private messages?
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    Hello From South-Western Ontario!

    Welcome Addicting isn't it? Later floyd
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    Inverter for PowerPack Recommendation?

    What brand and model is the refrigerator? The manufactor proably has the data online. Especially if it is energy star rated. later floyd