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    Alternative sources for 18650 nickel sheets with integrated fuses

    Does anyone know of any way that batteryhookup's 18650 nickel sheets with integrated fuses can be bought from within EU? Ordering those from US has ridiculous shipping costs and considerable shipping time. Also are there any alternative manufacturers of nickel sheets with fuses integrated that I...
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    In-situ 18650 heater cell detection

    1 Introduction This is the documentation of some experiments I performed in order to ascertain whether it's possible to detect cells generating excessive heat (aka "heaters") in a diy 18650 battery pack built using the popular 5x4 20.2 mm pitch 18650 cell holders. All of the findings should be...
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    Mounting 18650 cell packs on DIN rails

    I wanted to share a 3d printed mounting bracket design that I made to mount 18650 cell packs on DIN rails. I believe this can be advantageous for diy powerwall builds because of the following factors: DIN rails are a standard industry component which can be easily purchased instead of ordering...
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    Zigbee protocol of Enecsys SMI-360-72 microinverter

    Hi everyone, I came in posession of a Enecsys SMI-360-72 microinverter which I would like to use in my setup. The inverter itself contains a Zigbee radio which is used to communicate with an Enecsys "gateway". All of this allows to monitor the inverter parameters and most likely do some setup...
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    Megacell Charger firmware V4.3.0.11 reboot loop

    Hi guys, I have been experiencing one of my Megacell Chargers rebooting in a loop and not being usable because of this. The symptoms are that the display shows "Display test" and the fw version, then the charger connects to wifi successfully and a message "Mc6 Init" appears at the bottom of the...
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    Not a newcomer but still

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking around this forum for a while now while gathering know-how and cells to get closer to diy electricity independence :). I don't remember how I found this forum, I believe it was related to HBPowerwall youtube channel. I have some of my related projects...
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    Machine-readable cell database

    Hi, is there any way to download the cell database in a machine-readable format (JSON?) without resorting to HTML scraping?