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    JK BMS problem, not balancing due to high resistance in balance cables

    Good evening!!! I'm having a problem with the JK BMS's i've got for my batteries. As I told in my intro, I own several VW iD3/iD4 batteries to power my whole house even for weeks (as long as I don't charge the cars, of course). These 12S Li-Ion batteries I have are the best thing I can think...
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    Hi everyone!!!!

    Just arrived to the forum looking for some help, and willing to help to the extent of my knowledge. I'm in sunny Spain and have 'designed' and setup a solar/battery grid/offgrid system with 22 VW iD3 batteries for storage (6,85kWh x 22 = 150kWh) and 4 Victron Multiplus II 5kVA inverters to work...