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    12 cell 2kwh portable 1500W inverter build with chevy volt submodule

    Just finished building a portable 2kwh 1500W 120VAC inverter project. Think of it like a gas-less generator. See the imgur gallery below for build pictures, and the github for the photon code and a schematic/circuit drawing. Big thanks to Kyle at four-forty.comwho supplied the current sensor...
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    48V 1500W Inverter

    FYI, mine (48V 1500W ebay inverter) failed catastrophically. I noticed it seemed to be causing my small 18650 test pack to sag badly while testing my custom made BMS, i.e. whenever I powered on the inverter the BMS would trip. I thought at first it was just inrush so I connected the inverter...
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    prototyping BMS - looking for 12 random 'junk' cells

    Edit - got some, thanks for all the replies! Hey, I'm getting ready to work with the guy who makes these boards to prototype up an application to use this module, together with a few other bits and pieces, to construct a BMS for my 12 cell chevy volt pack for use as a portable 1500W120V invert...
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    48V 1500W Inverter

    You replying to me? I'm not sure I follow you, this is a 45AH 12S pack. I realistically don't plan to run over 500-600W, probably much less, so typical current per cell is going to be less than 10A (C/4). You think that's still going to be too high to stay cool? I could theoretically parallel in...
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    Chevy Volt battery module BMS connector pinout

    I got this from the guy I bought my module from. Just wanted to post it here in case anyone needed it. This is the BMS connector pinout for a 2012 Volt 12 cell module.
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    48V 1500W Inverter

    Went ahead and ordered one to use with my 12 cell Volt pack. I may have to disconnect the beeper depending exactly where it activates, since 42V is 3.5 per cell and under load I might sag below that above the minimum SOC I want to cut off at, but let's see. As long as the LV cuttoff doesn't...
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    48V 1500W Inverter

    Thanks, thinking of picking one of these up too. I can't think of too many things that would break if exposed to 128V, but it's a bit high for sure. So many things these days run behind a switching supply that in some ways it's a lot less critical than it used to be. How about the sine wave...
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    MPP solar hybrid inverters - U.S. mains compatible?

    Thanks, yeah I was able to get a reply from MPP directly and they also confirm they don't have any grid-tie models that do split phase 240VAC. The LV series is an off-grid 120VAC version, but it won't do grid-tie. May have to look elsewhere for inverters if I end up doing this. Also, MPP...
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    MPP solar hybrid inverters - U.S. mains compatible?

    Hi, Just to be clear, will the MPP hybrid inverters work on a 240AC U.S. style mains connection?They seem like a lot of inverter for the money, but it's a bummer if they won't work with US grids and houses. MPP customer services says they're for 240V europe, not 120V US, but most inverters here...
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    New cell suppliers to the US?

    Yes, good points neilmc. I'd probably only be looking at it being 'off grid' capable for short periods of time, i.e. a few days following a winter storm. During which time we would probably have to scale back electricity usage to just the essentials, i.e. lights, fridge/freezer, aquarium heater...
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    New cell suppliers to the US?

    Great, thanks for the tip. I guess the main draw of 18650 is the ability to get them cheap/free when one has access to salvaged cells. I'm questioning the purpose myself, I have to admit a big part of it is I've always wanted to build something like this. But the reason I'm thinking of actually...
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    Lipo 18S KMX tadpole trike

    Here's a build I did a few years ago. It's RC Lipo powered, not 18650, but hope it still counts! Had a BMS from BMSbattery, celllog8 alarms for single cell voltage low/high states, DIY charger based on meanwell PSUs with a CC/CV modification (fetcher chip from Endless Sphere community), 50A...
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    New cell suppliers to the US?

    Hi, I'm thinking of planning abuild sometime in the next few months. It sounds like most people here salvage cells?I'm not sure I want to go that route. The idea of mixing and matching a bunch of half worn out cells sounds like potentially more trouble than it's worth, assuming new cells can be...
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    Been a long time solar and renewable energy enthusiast. Thinking a diy power wall project might be in my future. Glad to find this forum, it seems there's a ton of good info here.