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    Source for good and cheap half cell panels (320...500 Wp) in Germany?

    Hi guys, looking for a good source of new(ish) panels preferably in half cell technology of high efficiency. Only need 1.5 - 2 kWp, so 4...6 maybe 8 panels. Can be new, can be used but not too old (max. 5 years i guess). For flat roof montage and not too big so that one person can handle them...
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    Correlation of internal resistance (IR) and self discharge

    Hi all, it is generally agreed (i guess?) that there is a correlation of a li-ion cells quality (Soh) and its IR. In most cases an increasing IR indicates a decreasing Soh, decreasing capacitance and increasing self discharge rate (SDR). I recently tested all my salvaged 18650 with my new...
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    New category:"Cell recycling and testing"?

    Hi all, i am missing a section/category for general Li-ion cell recycling and testing procedures. There are only categories for different cell chemistries, for testing equipment and chargers but nothing for the testing procedure, workflow of recycling. I concider this a major point for...
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    Cause of heater-effect at around 4.0V and high self discharge at full voltage (4.2 ... 4.0V)

    Hi all, you probably all know the problem of so-called "heater cells" that tend to get (very) hot when charging above a specific voltage? Typically this voltage (when heating starts) is around 4.0V - sometimes a bit lower, rarely higher. On the other hand there are cells, that don't keep their...
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    Account disappeared - and all my postings?

    Hi all, i already registered yesterday and posted a few posts, but in the evening my account had disappeared suddenly!? I was not able to log in nor was my username (the same as now, "paddy72") found by the machine. Also all my posts seem to have disappeared. What happened here???