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  1. thanar

    How to make battery information accessible online?

    I have built a few 24V nominal 7s batteries myself and I am also using the generic Chinese BMS with the Bluetooth dongle in all of them. I must admit I'm quite pleased with them, so I'm sticking for the time being, since all the batteries I build are smallish at 2-3kWh, which I then parallel at...
  2. thanar

    DIY Powerwalls Facebook group

    Hello, Is there anyone here that manages the DIY Powerwalls Facebook group? Seems like I’ve been banned (!!!) because I suggested to a person that he should better not build a powerwall, because he was missing critical knowledge, yet was a member of the group for 3 years! Was it THAT rude of me?
  3. thanar

    Adjustable balancer for repurposed 18650 cells

    Cheers to the forum. I am trying to replace the stand-by battery that is beingused in my home building elevator system for emergency lighting and lift release functions. The original battery is a sealed lead-acid 1Ah battery. The system charges the battery under 100mA and it keeps the battery...
  4. thanar

    Solar Tower @40.3,21.8

    This project took some time, since I'm mostly crazy-meticulous about anything I do and this has also bubbled over into my hobbies. I started gathering laptop batteries around a year ago and havegone through just around 120 of them so far. It's somewhat difficult to find used batteries in Greece...
  5. thanar

    [EU] low-capacity 18650 cells

    20cells, total 27.4Ah, mean capacity 1370mAh. Decidedto give away my lowest capacity cells, which I will not be using anytime soon. Here's the link to the bay auction. Weld tabs have been carefully removed. Cells have been thoroughly tested and cleaned. A couple may need new shrink...
  6. thanar

    Hardware for stand-alone solar lighting

    I am thinking of putting together a few solar lights for a couple of sheds I have around. Thinking 3s with a BMS and connecting to 12V led strips through PIR sensors or timers. Anyone done anything similar? Thinking of something like this:
  7. thanar

    DY 2400mAh orange cell

    Got some of these out of a Chinese-madereplacement battery: Capacity out of battery cover calculates to 2400mAh. Still untested, no heaters though. Do we have them in the cell database?
  8. thanar

    Hollow, "spacer" cells?

    Now, that was a new one for me... I thought they always try to utilize space to the fullest: :D
  9. thanar

    Random Power Banks for low-capacity cells

    I have been building Power Banks using the lowest-quality cells I scavenge that are still above 1000mAh at a discharge rate of 0.5A. These cells obviously will not end up being used on a Powerwall project, they did however pass all testing.I will share my thoughts on the projects and my...
  10. thanar

    Strange issue with MPT-7210A

    I am currently using an MPT-7210A MPPT solar charge controller / boost converter to charge my 36V 2s10pe-bike battery from a Lead acid 12V battery, which I keep under float voltage through the grid, since my solar setup is a bit off right now. I have set the Vmp (input) on the MPT unit at 11V to...
  11. thanar

    Charging a 36V from a 36V battery

    I have almost completed my solar-powered 6p10s36V nominalmini powerwall from liberated cells, which I will be adding to the Cell Counter soon and will keep adding more cells as I scavenge.I am using an MPT-7210A for charging it from a 27V Vp 360W solar panel. The battery pack is around 18Ah...
  12. thanar

    Off grid with no battery

    Hello, Would it be possible to build an off-grid system with no batteries at all? Just panels and inverter for 220v when the sun is shining.
  13. thanar

    Mains energy monitoring options

    Hello, I am thinking of installing a mainsenergy monitoring system and have been looking into OWL Intuition as well as Efergy Engage platforms. Are there any other platforms that offer an out-of-the-box solution for my 3 phase installation? I am surprised I did not find something...
  14. thanar

    8.4V handheld vacuum cleaner modification

    Hello, I have a 8.4V 7xNI-MH handheld vacuum cleaner that's been working wonderfully, until I have to install new batteries. This is the 2nd time the batteries will be swapped, they last for about two years. I was thinking about swapping the 7xNI-MH with 2p2s lithium batteries and I have a...