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    Using Diodes???

    The short answer is yes you could do this but you probably don't want to. The long answer is that: the Diodes would also block you charging the batteries through that cable, It will be hard and expensive to get diodes that can handle the voltage and Amperage that you want, There will be...
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    Welcome! We are all hear to learn even us more experienced folks get ourselves into trouble sometimes :)
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    Welcome! There are lots of good YouTube channels to learn from and make sure to check out the FAQ section of this forum which will give you a good foundation of knowledge.
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    PV wiring when in shade

    So much of this depends on cost benefit analysis which if you have the time and interest in doing detailed per panel full day and year solar exposure analysis you could figure out the most optimum setup. Or you could be lazy like me and just go for good enough and then install couple extra...
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    NEC 690.12 (A-D) Rapid Shut Down of PV Systems on Buildings.

    I agree that these rule are a challenge in both expense and failure points. It has also been fueling the shift to microinverters on each panel which I have mixed feelings about. From my understanding and talking with some of the code folks through my day job. The main reason for the panel level...
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    Re-wire a house to use 24v LEDs ?

    If you got a cheap brand that can sometimes be the problem but with your use case being recessed lights it is most likely not letting the LEDs and more importantly the LED driver circuits cool enough and so the high heat of being on all the time shortens their life dramatically. Most LED bulbs...
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    SELLING Lot of 18650s, chargers, megacell, packs - California, USA

    If you are willing to ship and don't find a buyer for the whole lot I might be interested in the Megacell Charger.
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    What spot welder are people using these days?

    I have one of those boxy aliexpress ones that I wouldn't recommend but needs a new home since I got a Kweld and am never looking back. You can have the alli one if you pay shipping, I am USA MN based.
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    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Everything is so relative. I grew up and continue to live 100% off grid and growing up the house used about 800Wh/day(wood for heat and propane for cooking). Currently I use about 3-5KWh since I have electrified cooking and have a big desktop computer(still wood heat as winters are dark and cold...
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    Selling 1000s of 18650s

    This sounds like a treasure if only I lived in Sweden. I believe the 1kilowat challenge guy on this forum and youtube channel lives in Sweden and has had some difficulty sourcing cells. @The Kilowatt Challenge.
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    New guy from Uk

    Welcome to the party. I am slightly confused about your plans for solar though since you live in the UK :P The battery plan seems good though.
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    Esk8 builder attempting a power wall. Need help!

    So it might be too late depending on where you are in the process of this but your whole home system would be a lot more versatile if you made some changes to the solar system to help it charge the batteries and allow the home to run off grid. It is a common misconception that when you get grid...
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    Zag's Powerwall adventure (UK Build)

    Couple thoughts. One is that I agree that 3 panels in series would be better if you have the voltage headroom to accommodate. There are a couple additional places you should put breakers/fuses. One is on the input to the mppt from the panels as I believe most manufacturers recommend that...
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    Minimum mAh per Cell for DIY Powerwall

    Yes case #2 should work well as long as you make sure each series of 7 new packs are balanced with each-other capacity/IR wise. And like you said make sure voltage are close when you combine everything. There will be some self prioritizing under high load/charge situations where the higher...
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    Nickel fuse sheets + busbars

    I also build similar packs and my two cents would be make sure you have a high powered soldering iron. At first I was trying to do it with my cheap 60w iron and that was not working at all. Now I have a 150w iron and it works alright although I burn through tips a lot. Using large guage wire...
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    Florida/USA - Minimum Electric Bill targets home solar generation

    I live off grid so have the battery and oversizing of system to meet winter needs cost but grid tie folks around me have $30+ monthly connection fees since we are very rural. I work with utility folks a lot and keep bring up the idea about more off grid or microgrid options as a solution that...
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    18650 and 21700 Cylindrical cell sorting machine for voltage and internal resistant

    Neat. I have been thinking it would be a fun project to make a tester like this to complement the Megacell charger so I would want it to have a barcode scanner built in so it can log each cells data as well as sort. I agree with others that DIY use 3 buckets would be enough. I could see using it...
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    Eve cell question

    What a powerfull cell. How are they testing?
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    NSW Aust - Megacell Charger - Original Batch - Brand New.

    I might be interested. I am hoping to up my game from a handful of Opus chargers and am thinking 1-2 magacell are the way to go. What are you wanting for yours?
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    NSW Aust - Megacell Charger - Original Batch - Brand New.

    If only I lived in Australia I would buy it but I think shipping to the States would be prohibitive :(