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    value of the cell fuse

    dear forummembers. what is the general value of cell level fuses to use? for typical 14S60P or more, I see glassfuses of about 2 amp, 3 amp. This would be about 3 to 6 times the expected currentdraw, if I'm not too far off. (calculated at 500mA or 1000mA draw per cell) if I have cells that...
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    PID (Potential Induced Degradation)

    Hi all, I had the opportunity to grab 55 SL1-80 Q-cell panels (for free), 26 panels seem in very good shape, no damage on glass, cells or corrosion. but: those panels are CGIS technology and I think the suffered from PID (Potential Induced Degradation). this PID is caused by not grounding to...
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    48V UPS 13S or 14S ?

    Hi all, I acquired a working APC SMART 3000 XL ups (XL= extended runtime = servergrade). It still has good lead-acid 4S (48V) batteries. The build-in charging circuit is currently set to 55V, or 13,75V per 12V battery. I tend to lower this a bit to extend batterylife. (high charging voltage...
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    Would 2 BMS 7S for 48V pack possible?

    Would it be possible to have 2 BMS 7S for a 14S pack? I have 2 ups's, 1 is 24V based, the other 48V I'm planning to make 2 packs of 7S20P, to start with (still collecting cells). Would it be possible to connect 1 BMS (7S) to each pack, and then configure the packsto be able to work with both...
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    Rattle in a cell

    some of the cell's I'm testing rattle a bit when shaken. the sound of something loose inside (in the head) but they seem to have good voltage, get charged, and remain at an acceptable voltage level. how come? if they had vented in the past, surely the protective device would be popped, and...
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    New from Belgium

    Hi, I'm Stefaan, and been lurking around for some weeks. I've started to collect cells, from usedlaptopbatteries and e-bikes. In the past I've converted a APC 1500W UPS into a 3000W model, connected to old forkilftbatteries, But just keeping those old blocks of lead charged (and topped off)...